Content creation is the contribution of information to any media or digital media for an end-user/audience in specific contexts.

A Content Creator is a person who creates original content for usage typically for online media platforms.

This creative professional is responsible for curating and creating content for an active and engaging audience.







Visual storytelling or a visual narrative is a story expressed  through the use of visual media. The story is illustrated by photography or video; enhanced with graphics, music, voice and other audio.

Blog much? If you enjoy sharing your lifestyle to reach unique and like-minded people, you will need visuals attached to the story you’re telling. Because we are all visual beings who relate best when we can actually see and feel the journey.


“Learn from experience, and teach by showing.”



Photo Styling



It’s hard enough to get your children to cooperate in a photo shoot, what about the challenge of your spouse’s work schedule?  Would you really want to take on the responsibility of being everyone’s personal stylist and production manager?

Do yourself a favor and find someone to assist you:)

Our team of visual experts are licensed to help you execute your vision.

Whether you need photos for your blog or social media channels, media kits,  a canvas for your wall, or customized Christmas cards…

Currently offering full and partial photo styling that will capture your story and reach more readers. Style your social media with us!










Seems like we are always “on-the-go”.

Moms, Dads, Daughters, Sons, we all depend on our  Mobile Phones

to save our lives.

What would we do if we left our phones? We would ALL turn around and do whatever it takes to get it back in our hands!

Although it sounds like an unhealthy habit;  let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s one of the worst, yet best thing man has ever created! The convenience of a phone’s mobility serves its purpose as our partner in life.

Who wants to wait until who knows how long –  to run home just to email a resume, composite cards or even a Media Kit to support an important document?

The issue most of us have experienced when attaching a Media Kit through a mobile phone, are due to these reasons:


  • File size is too big to open
  • Not enough  MB or GB storage 
  • File size is can’t be converted to mobile device
  • Not enough data to download
  • File must be delayed when sending from computer to phone

Here’s a great solution for you Bloggers, Media Personalities, Models, Marketing Managers, etc.

You no longer have to wait to receive your mobile version.

Introducing our the new  Mobile Media Kit.







“Age is nothing but a number.”

“Maybe she’s born with it.”

Whatever the cliché may be, this 15 year old currently attends a local art school concentrating in Music Education  and Marketing  as a minor.

Some people are lucky and are born into the world knowing what interests them. This one learns through environmental influence. A.K.A. — “getting it from her mama”. 😉

Personalize your Instagram story covers to match your website brand. Let Liyah grace her style on your story.