Corrective Color in the cosmetology world means color change. Changing your hair from one drastic color to another!

1. “I colored my hair with box-dye and it turned orange!”
2. I want to go from black hair to blonde hair. (Or vice versa)
3. If your root color has grown 2” from previous color service and you want to change up the whole color.
4. You see unwanted tones such as yellow and red  in your hair.
5. When you want to add dimension to previously color or chemically treated hair.
6. Anytime you want to switch from one color to another in one day, for example – “I want a dramatic change”.
7. When your last hair dresser messed up and gave you the wrong color – or promised you a color that’s impossible to achieve in one process.
8. “De-wigging” the Hair color. All over color a lot of times can look “wiggy”. Some people may want to add dimensional high lights or low-lights to break it up to give it a natural flow.

I hope this list helps you to better understand what corrective color means. If you have any other questions, I am here to assist you.


Depending on how much lighter you’re hoping to go, it may take between 2-4 sessions.

Yes, you can have it done exactly how you want it all in one session, depending on how strong your hair is.

[ Olaplex treatment system available upon request ]

For example; you colored your hair from dark brown to blonde, but blonde is way too brassy with orange and yellow undertones.

Too harsh for your complexion, now you think you need 2 shades lighter in a cooler blonde.

What should you do?

*You will need to contact a professional and schedule a consultation.

Your hair stylist will look at your overall hair texture, analyze the condition of it, and suggest the best route to take.

As a woman, we can be very impatient when it comes to our hair color. (This I DO know)?

But trust me, as a Goldwell Hair Color Specialist, I’d LOVE for you to have exactly what you want!

I just want to explain to you what will happen if we don’t take our time and do it the right way.

Believe it or not, I really DO want you to keep your beautiful hair!

Color corrections may take up to 6 hours ! This of course depends on the density of your hair, and how much color damage has occurred.

Some may be able to skip the whole color correction service and use Olaplex to reconstruct a new color look.

Removal of unwanted, old hair color;  to precisely correct color, tone it, deep condition it, and to seal it   –  is quite a process!

This process can cost you a million bucks! I’m joking! It can be pricey though for sure.

The strategy, technique, time and professionalism should be taken in consideration.

We have to pay out of pocket for the haircare products being used in your hair.

Everyone is different, some may have hair that is more difficult to achieve than others.

There are women blessed with extremely long, coarse hair. It’s not fair to set a standard rate for color services.  Prices vary on each client.

I am honestly fair when it comes to quality and value of my work.

After all, “you get what you pay for”.

For photos please visit my COLOR CORRECTION  GALLERY 

to learn more about your color service.


As we age, so does the rest of our body! We only have an external vision of ourselves – yet have no idea what’s going on internally! And it’s not always due to aging. There are a number of  lifestyle related reasons that cause hair loss or hair thinning. It can be as simple as hormonal changes or as complicated as an underlying disease.

It’s hard to believe how HAIR can affect one’s self esteem.

There is hope with Hair Extensions! For anyone who is diagnosed with alopecia, trichotillamania, or have undergone chemotherapeutic procedures with cancer.

If you are interested in having luscious locks or longer length, you will need to set up a consultation with a hair stylist who is certified in hair extensions.



1. To insure the technique is applied correctly; so it will prevent your natural hair from getting damaged.
2. You  want to make sure the texture of  the hair extensions perfectly  match with your own.
3. Just because you have hair extensions, it doesn’t mean you neglect your biological hair.
4. A professional will be able to analyze and suggest which service will suit your hair texture.
(there are many types of hair extension techniques)
5. If you want to give your hair a break from “frying” it with color, you can high light the extensions:)
6. You want to be able to style it different ways or pull it up in ponytails and still look natural.
7. When done professionally and correctly, your natural Hair will live a healthy life and you will be happy to observe its growth process.
8. To avoid  stress on the hair; hair loss, or alopecia.
Please visit my Hair Extensions Gallery to see before & after photos of my work.


What is a precision haircut?

A precision cut  is a style using techniques that create straight, dramatic lines and clean angles.

Why is a precision cut  important? Well, mainly because  an experienced stylist can do magic with those shears.

Who wouldn’t want to wake up daily to a stylish,  low-maintenance hair cut? One you can  hop out  the shower — blow dry, and not have to spend much time styling because it lays perfectly?

This is EXACTLY why a precision haircut is a necessity. With the perfect cut, no additional styling is needed. This eliminates the risk of damage in your hair. Damaged hair is “dead hair”. Excessive heat styling dehydrates the hair shaft and leads to split ends. The only way to get rid of split ends are to cut your hair.


Consider you face shape first. There are so many hair cuts that may flatter your face shape and enhance your facial features. There are also some that will take away or add dimension to unwanted features.

For this reason, it is best for you to consult a professional hair dresser…

to avoid doing it yourself of going to a “cheap” barbershop.

You may contact Modern Style Studio if you need to reach me. (Located in Rea Farms, minutes away from Matthews, Waverly, Ballantyne/South Charlotte)

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