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How cool would it be, to visit the oldest city in the United States? But is the city too old and too boring for young children to enjoy?

Old is now the new – ‘new’. 

They call it, “Modern-Antiques”.

Known for its Spanish-Colonial Renaissance Revival architecture, this city is perfectly preserved for tourists of all ages to photograph.

St. Augustine, Florida; the beautiful coastal city with sunshine and blue skies, pristine beaches and highlighted by hundreds of years of history… will flood your Instagram timeline with its ancient aesthetics.

There are plenty of things to do for teens and tweens in St. Augustine.


Bridge of Lions St. Augustine Florida , Visit St. Augustine

Picture – Perfect

Parents often over-think when it comes to planning. Moms especially. We’re so considerate of others that we will talk ourselves out of a simple situation.

 Like, “will my family enjoy this vacation that’ll take me all day to plan”?

 Because if they hate it,  God forbid  they’ll crack a smile on our annual family photo, lol!

Moms always want everything to be picture-perfect. I am guilty of that myself.

After being a mom for 16 years, I’ve learned that there’s no such thing as ‘picture perfect’. You just have to find a place to take the perfect picture;)

Cathedral of st. Augustine, history tour st. augustine

Let Them Love And Learn

For years we’ve been talking about visiting St. Augustine, but weren’t for sure if the kids would enjoy it. Our teen and tweens mentioned they would  love to see how the United States got started.

Oh, I was thrilled! It was like ‘music to my ears’ to hear my kiddos interested in learning more about America’s history!

I rushed to tell my husband, “honey, it is time we plan a road trip and take our family down to the old city!”

 “Kill 2 birds with 1 stone”…   let them love and learn.


Teens and Tweens in St. Augustine, Visit St. Augustine

Teen And Tweens In St. Augustine

Here’s a personal tip from our teen and tweens

Liyah (Teen):

“St. Augustine is filled with so much beauty and history. I have always wondered how the United States of America came about. I never knew it all started in St. Augustine, Florida.

I am so glad I was given the opportunity to experience the oldest city in the U.S.

Wish we could’ve stayed an extra day, because there is so much more to learn.”

Tip For Teens:

“Every teen should visit St. Augustine to learn more about the history of their family; seeing how we all have evolved as humans in America, has peaked my curiosity to look into my possible Spanish ancestors.”

Sydney (Tween):

“Considering the fact – History is my favorite subject in school, so seeing St. Augustine with my very only eyes… was VERY, VERY, NICE!”

Tip For Tweens:

“Don’t go in June with the intention to learn about history, until you are an actual teen. It’s too hot! Go to St. Augustine Beach!”

Jason (Tween):

“I enjoyed exploring the market place with my family. There was a Medieval store that sells antiques and I was so excited when I got to see and feel real swords. I also got to touch real alligator heads that people turned into toys.”

Tip For Tweens:

“Don’t complain, just enjoy it all.”


History Tour St.Augustine

History Tour Of  St. Augustine

Take a history tour around St. Augustine to learn how the first city in the U.S. was discovered. See how the stunning Spanish architecture has been preserved for 454 years!

Book your History Tour HERE  for discounted rates.


Flagler College, Henry Morrison Flagler, St. Augustine Attractions

From “Old School To New School”

Our teenager’s favorite historic site happens to be one of the Best Regional Colleges in the SouthFlagler College. This private liberal arts college founded by Henry Morrison Flagler, sits on 19 acres, now listed on National Register Of Historic Places.

Back in 1888, this centerpiece used to be Ponce de León Hotel, a luxury hotel. What a timeless structure.


St. Augustine Florida, Market Place Inn St. Augustine

Spanish-Colonial Architecture

Filled with charm in every chapter, each Spanish-Colonial site illustrates so much depth.  There’s a story that runs deep-down  every crack of those remarkable stucco walls.

It’s fascinating to see how teens and tweens interpret their comprehension of history.


Lighter Museum St. Augustine, History sites in St. Augustine

Lightner Museum

This 1887 Spanish Renaissance Revival style building in downtown St. Augustine is a museum of American Guilded Age antiquities.

Lightner Museum

The old Alcazar Hotel is now The Lightner Museum – listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Anastasia Island, St. Augustine Beach, Teen and Tweens In St. Augustine

St. Augustine Beach

Looking for a beach in St. Augustine that teens and tweens will enjoy?


Teens and Tweens in St. Augustine, St. Augustine Beach, Anastasia Island, St. Johns County Ocean Pier

Visit St. Johns  County Ocean Pier, located in Anastasia Island, in the city of St. Augustine Beach on  350 A1A  Beach Blvd.

Teens and Tweens In St. Augustine, St. Augustine Beach, St.Johns Ocean County Pier

The pier has many free amenities like beach access, a splash park, volley ball court, apparel shops, seaside restaurants, pedestrian crossing, a covered pavilion, public restrooms, showers and free parking for handicapped and regular vehicles.

Anastasia Island, St. Augustine Beach

Time With Family

Aside from the historic values of St. Augustine, what makes this a trip for teens and tweens are the hours spent with family. Every experience shared with family is too valuable to be compared. There’s a closer connection when you and the people you love are learning together.

Casa Monica Autograph Collection Hotel St. Augustine Florida,

About St. Augustine

Being the oldest city in Southeastern United States, St. Augustine was founded by Spanish explorers on September 8, 1565. Second to San Juan, Puerto Rico,  [founded in 1521] it is the 2nd oldest in the United States territory.  Florida’s first governor, Spanish admiral Pedro Menendez de Aviles named the settlement “San Agustín” eleven days earlier August 28, the feast day of St. Augustine.


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