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What are the best resorts in the Caribbean? All-inclusive or non all-inclusive? Is luxury necessary? Here are some things to consider before booking your resort.

YES – luxury is absolutely necessary!

 You deserve to wake up in a luxurious atmosphere, don’t you think?

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Westin Grand Cayman

Would you want to spend your vacation on an ocean front resort around a bunch of noise; where you’ve got to wait your turn to use the amenities, while other people’s kids are running and splashing you with their cannonball? I don’t.

When planning a family vacation, keep in mind, your vacation home is 90% priority.

You want to know why??

Because how and where you rest your head sets the tone of your mood. The way you wake up dictates your entire day.

You should ask yourself – “how do I want to start my day?”

I honestly never thought about this until a few years ago when we settled for a resort that was not up to our standards.

Why settle for less when you can have the best?


If you are a “jet-setter”, you should definitely join a hotel rewards club – [ if you haven’t done so ] because this will help save time and make your planning experience much easier.

As Platinum American Express cardholders, we automatically receive SPG Gold Elite status –  which is a bonus for travelers. Knowing  exactly what to expect when staying on an SPG property eliminates unnecessary stress.

The Westin is on the luxury tier of  SPG Rewards – designed with contemporary aesthetics which appeals to the young and “hip”crowd.  The cool- color palette of  Westin’s interior evokes a tranquil bliss.

Quality is paramount, so The Westin wins.


There are families who enjoy the large resort scene and all-inclusive packages, but it’s not for us.

Since we enjoy exploring authentic eatables, we don’t want to limit our menu options.

From past experience, all-inclusive deals seem to make more sense for an “adult” trip.

Every family has a different budget, goals and expectations,  so do the math to see what will better suit your lifestyle.

When traveling  with friends and larger groups, all-inclusive definitely gives you the sense of not having to stress about your bill.

We are not completely against it – it just  seems to never be the best plan for our family.


 I researched lots of SPG Hotels in the Caribbean. Found myself repeatedly obsessing over

Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort and Spa.

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Liyah and Jason welcomes you to Westin

Westin grand cayman

Room views are Westin Grand Cayman

I wouldn’t mind waking up to a stunning view like this everyday! What about you?

After reading about the 50 million dollar renovations – we knew without a doubt Westin Grand Cayman had  The Chambers written all over it.

As I mentioned before – I am BIG on decor! 

The relaxing hues of this hotel is exactly how I picture myself waking up on vacation!

Westin Ocean view room

Westin Ocean View Suite

After we secured our reservations, I was highly impressed by how Ms.Sidiam delivered quality service through the phone lines.  This made me even more excited about choosing The Westin. I was assured that our family will be in good hands.

Westin Grand Cayman

Every  Westin Grand Cayman team member will go above and beyond for their guests.

OH — the excitement arroused the minute we stepped into that newly renovated hotel; gliding across the hardwood floors and gazing at the impeccable details!

Westin grand cayman

Westin Grand Cayman Lobby

Upon arrival of our destination, we entered this beautiful space – that stimulates a warm-welcoming  sentiment of PARADISE!

With ceiling to floor windows and glass doors – it’s hard to miss the freshwater swimming pool surrounded by the cozy cabanas, Caymanian palm trees and the remarkable ocean view!

THIS here is what you call a VACATION!

Elevator pics are a “must”

Even the pretty elevators deserve to be photographed.

Okaaay… saaay “elevator selfie”!! ?

Westin grand cayman, Westin cayman, resorts near Seven mile beach

Westin Grand Cayman swim up bar

Here is a closer look at The Westin swim-up bar. This area would be perfect for an “adult” trip. Sadly, we didn’t get to occupy it much. No worries, we shall return!

Westin Grand Cayman, Westin cayman, Seven mile beach resort

Mommy and Liyah are poolside ready:)

Tortuga Beach Grill and Bar

Hungry after having too much fun in the sun? Conveniently located between the pool and cabanas on The Westin Resort and

Seven Mile Beach

 is Tortuga Beach Grill & Bar.

I’m not a huge fan of alcohol [ don’t like the taste ] but there’s something about breathing the Caribbean air that makes me crave Mudslides and Piña Colada.

Tortuga Beach Grill & Bar

Tortuga beach grill and bar grand cayman

Lunch at Tortuga Beach Grill and Bar

Tortuga beach bar

My personal favorite off the menu are the Fish Tacos.

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Day Date with my husband

We happen to be on vacation on National Piña Colada Day! So it’s only right  for the kiddos to enjoy virgin piña coladas.

National pina colada day

Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach


As if  The Westin isn’t already  too good to be true – we are happy to know we chose the best resort for our family! Because location  is everything, right? How does directly in the the heart of the Seven Mile Beach sound?!

Most children will play in the sand and maybe take a few steps in the water to touch the waves.

At Seven Mile Beach you will find yourself relaxing on your back, daydreaming, and floating on the calming waters of the Caribbean Island.

There are also  plenty of fun activities on the resort to keep the kiddos entertained. If your child enjoys crafting and socializing with other kids , then they will love the Westin Family Kids Club.  All you have to do is check the kids club schedule to find out when activities are being hosted.

Sydney and Jason signed up for a baking class and learned how to bake and decorate cookies.

Westin Family Kids Club

Baking class in Westin Family Kids Club

While all this was going on, Jeremy and I were able to sneak in an afternoon nap:)

The Cayman Coffee Exchange Cafe is our daily mini bar for fresh coffee and croissants. [ next to hotel lobby ]

Seven mile beach

Cayman Coffee Exchange | Westin Grand Cayman


 We could’ve called a cab and rode around until we found a restaurant that caught our eyes, but we made the the best dinner decision by taking the elevator down to Beach House Coastal Cuisine.

Here you will find; the exquisitely infused – global influenced, modern American cuisine – prepared by a 5-Star executive culinary chef.

All this is served with excellence on the coral sands of Seven Mile Beach.

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Family Portrait at Beach House Coastal Cuisine, Grand Cayman

Our server Nick was the best! Who do you know can snap the camera ONE time and captures the perfect family photo?!! [ Christmas cards!? ]

If we have any questions about the menu, Nick has the answer. Either he studies the recipes in the kitchen during his spare time, or Beach House  has very high standards when it comes to customer care. Nick was so awesome, we trusted him enough to put our dinner in his hands:) Everything he recommended was excellent!

How can we make more memories like these?  Candlelight dinners with our children – captured by  the views of the pretty blue ocean – freeing our spirits to the sound of leaves from exotic palm trees. What a magical experience!

Starter | Smoked Salmon and Caviar

Westin grand cayman, Beach House Coastal Cuisine cayman

Fancy Fine Dining at Beach House Coastal Cuisine

Island Ceviche & Local Greens | Beach House Coastal Cuisine

Grand cayman

Jumbo Lump Crab | Beach House Coastal Cuisine

Beach house Coastal Cuisine cayman, Westin cayman,

Trying to look like a lady but I really want to put it down like a man. Lol.

Seared Yelloe Fin Tuna | Beach House Coastal Cuisine

Beach house Coastal Cuisine cayman, best restaurant in grand cayman

Tandoori Caribbean Snapper | Beach House Coastal Cuisine


It is obvious that planning a family trip can be a bit overwhelming for us parents, or should I say “us Moms”.

There are way too many options!

As I’ve mentioned in our COME TO CAYMAN story, every family has an ideal vacation vision.

We are so HAPPY we made the decision to stay at the BEST WESTIN HOTEL in the Caribbean!

Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach

Everything about The Westin Grand Cayman was BEYOND  our expectations!

Liyah, Sydney and Jason – until this day, are still reminiscing about our Grand Cayman vacation! They agreed that Cayman topped the Bahamas!

[ WHAT?!! ] We spent a fortune that week with Atlantis!

My husband and I live to make memories with our children.

We understand how much of a challenge it is to hear other people’s perspective – on whether or not children are too young to travel.

To us, a memory is a liquid asset.

Our children are blessed to start traveling as toddlers.

And trust us – their brains absorb EVERY solid detail.

Hope you find our travel stories entertaining and resourceful. Feel free to ask us questions.

We appreciate you so much for taking interest in our lives. Hopefully our experience at

The Westin Grand Cayman

is enough to convince you to

Come To Cayman🙂

Thank  you kindly for allowing us to share our world with you. Now you see why we say this is the BEST WESTIN RESORT.

Until next time friends,


Sarah and Family

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    Kimberly Moeurn
    August 31, 2018 at 12:22 am

    Thank you for sharing the awesome photos and reviews. We love the Caribbeans, and I’ve always wanted to go to the Grand Cayman’s but my husband is an all inclusive junkie, and claimed there weren’t enough around there. I don’t mind either way. Were you walking distance to any shops or restaurants staying at the Westin?
    Warm regards,

    • Reply
      August 31, 2018 at 12:33 am

      Hi Kim! I am so glad to hear it was helpful. The all-inclusive resorts have high volume so it’s hard to to receive quality service. We prefer more of a private setting, to relax and simply enjoy the island’s beautiful features. As far as your hubby’s comment.. lol… if you’re looking to party then it’s not that kind of atmosphere. It’s definitely more upscale, on the “calmer” side. Across from Westin are restaurants and shops. You can cross the street to get there. Westin guest services were nice enough to drive us over in a golf cart:) We walked back. What kind of shops are you interested in?

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