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Rumor has it… Blogging has become one of the biggest “trends”.  Ready to monetize your blog and get sponsored by big brands? Do you really have what it takes to be a Blogger? Are you ready for the honest, blogging truth? 

Last summer in Mexico; for the first time EVER in the history of blogging and iPhone photography,  this dream of mine became REAL! ?
In that moment, I realized my husband FINALLY understands the lifestyle of a Blogger!





Blogging truth, Instagram husband

Tulum, Mexico

How perfect – I get to share a part of my world with people I care about through my blog  AND ….. GET PAID doing it!
 Not  only that –  my husband proudly accepts my offer to take on the role of becoming his wife’s Personal Photographer!
It’s a big deal when he volunteers to bring the DSLR camera with us on a vacation with friends. He’d normally tell me to leave it home, because he knows me – he knows I’ll  complain about how heavy it is,  and it will end up around his neck by the end of the day!
Blogging truth, instagram husband

Tulum Beach, Mexico

YES! GO  “In-sta-gram  Hus-band” !! After all these years, I now have me a REAL “Instagram Husband” !!!!!

[Screams GOALS!]  Don’t judge me – You know how hard it is to be your own photographer?!



If you’re a blogger who has an Instagram Husband, I’m sure you can relate to the joy that’s  in my voice. ?
Tulum, Mexico, Modern Style Mom, resort style, vacation style



We are appreciative of our friends & family for the ongoing feedback, and for kindly sharing our blog posts.
Thank you for your time, all of your emails, comments, and for always welcoming my words.
You’ve made it possible for my husband to partner in my dreams & support my creative passion.


Paradisus La Perla, Mexico

Years before the existence of my family, I was on a mission to find happiness. I’m talking about COMPLETE  happiness.
And now… my life feels like a dream every minute that I breathe. Happiness is my family beside me – making this life of mine complete.

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

This is where I went wrong. You should never depend on anyone else to make you feel complete.  Mom-life becomes challenging when all a Mom does is “mom”.
Let’s face it, “mommin’  ain’t  easy”!
After breathing in sweet dreams for so long… it was only a matter of time  before every other breath becomes bitter. The bitter-sweet moments with my children started to sour. Felt like I was lost in a beautiful nightmare.
This isn’t me,  I wasn’t myself.  My arms were wrapped around a world that belonged to someone else.
Paradisus La Perla Playa Del Carmen Resort, White one piece, white swimsuit, white swimwear, resort style

Meliã Paradisus Resort

Deep down inside, I knew what was missing. It was ME. But the  “Mommy” in me was  taking over.
Tulum Beach, Tulum Mexico

Tulum Beach, Mexico

When it used to be me against the world, the one thing that kept my peace were times when I used to journal.
 The best therapy sessions only happens between me, my diary and the purple walls inside my bedroom, at my parents’ home.

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Joy to the the world! I found my outlet, plugged  a blog or two into the port and sailed away!
The more I blog, the clearer my mind became. That light in my vessel kept getting brighter.


Tulum Mexico ,Blogging Truth, white swimsuit, white swimwear, white two piece, Resort style

Tulum Beach

As my blog production multiplied,  so did my subscribers. I noticed the pattern of  well-known brands reaching out to me inquiring about my prices.
Whaaat?!! Oh, my mind was ‘lit’ with the brightest ideas!
If you know me personally, you KNOW I will tell you like I tell my kids:
“there is opportunity even in a half empty glass”.
Mom of 3, Mom blogger, modern Mom, resort style, beach wear, white swimsuit

Tulum, Mexico

This  “BLOGGER BABE”  life is official!
Truth be told, I’ve had a habit of collecting expensive hobbies.
[ says my husband ]
So now he has this love-hate relationship with my current hobby — my digital diary,  a.k.a. my blog.
This time it wasn’t  my bank account that was draining … it was time spent with family I wasn’t gaining. ☹️
Mexican Palm trees, palm trees in Mexico, Tulum Mexico

Tulum Palm Trees

Blogging truth, modern style Mom, modern Mom, Resort style, Mom of 3, Mom blogger, White one piece, white swimwear, fit mom

Paradisus La Perla Resorts

Often times I wonder if this life I chose is really the life FOR ME.
I say that because sometimes I miss out on the most memorable moments while I’m out here trying to capture moments just to make them memorable.

Twenty years from now, am I going to hate myself for not having any raw photos to share with my grandchildren?

Tulum Beach, Tulum Mexico, Blogging Truth, Mom blogger, modern mom, modern style mom, Mom of 3, fit mom,

Tulum Beach, Mexico

I mean, it ‘seems’ perfect – it ‘looks’ easy – it honestly  IS .… really  ME!
 It’s my way of contributing to my community.
I enjoy sharing a  personal experience I’ve failed or succeeded in. It’s helpful to others if they’re looking for a 2nd opinion.
Next to God – do you know how many people in the world “Google” to find answers?!
Those  answers  that pop up in your Google search, are honestly… all  BLOGS.  For example: a few of society’s favorite are WebMD, Travel and Leisure, or Body Building. ?  And those chat forums…. BLOGS! BLOGS! BLOGS!


Meliã Paradisus La Perla Playa Del Carmen Resorts

“Blogger Face”

It frustrates me to be compared to other “bloggers”. You should see the reaction on my face when someone identifies me as a “Blogger”.
It’s offensive because I don’t accept free products and/or lie. PERIOD.
Let me clarify this before anyone gets offended and gives me the “blogger face”…
Yep, they accept free products and act like they’ve been using it for years! Oh – and they’ll swear by a product just for  you to use their coupon code.
 I’m sorry but 15% commission here and there is not enough for me to sacrifice my dignity. I can see if I’m already Kylie Jenner. [ sarcasm ] Even then though… if I had that kind of upper hand, I’d demand to be the face of products I actually believe in.
Meliã Resorts Playa Del Carmen Mexico, travel family, modern travel style, Blogging Truth, Mom blogger, modern style Mom, modern Mom, stylish Mom, fit Mom, Mom of 3, almost 40, Resort Style,

Meliã Resorts | Paradisus La Perla | Mexico

AGAIN, every Blogger or Mom Blogger does not do this, but A LOT of Bloggers do.  Thanks to those Bloggers  though, the honest Bloggers have to suffer with a bad rep.
Don’t mean to “knock the hustle”, I’m just saying I don’t live my life like that. I also know I don’t deserve to be grouped in the same category.
This is why I don’t use the coupon code and reward style programs. [ if you want the Blogging Truth ]
Now it can be great with an exception of a large following, or women who are inspired by every piece of clothing you wear.
Then sure, it may work for you… AND… if you can afford to shop higher-end brands to maximize your commission;
have time to plan photo shoots, put together your wardrobe, select 20 photos out of thousands and edit them, plan out your squares, create content, and commit 3+ years worth of not having a life other than your full-time job to pay the bills… then this life might be for you!
Oh, and forget about having a family! Mine almost hated me for locking myself in my room blogging!
Oh — the dear life of every Mom Blogger!
[ As if being at the salon making people beautiful isn’t enough. ]


Mayan Ruins, Tulum Ruins

Tulum Ruins, Mexico

Our closet friends and my clients know my heart. They all know I’d NEVER put my name behind anything I don’t believe in. [ they also know how fast I will hit that review button and call out names so the boss can see it.? ]
Let alone – lie and say I use a brand and I actually don’t.
Aside from this baffling “blogger world”, another blogging truth is – I am actually a REAL person. What I share with you are true snippets of my world.
I have REAL friends and REAL  family. We don’t hang out just to post a picture.
And we don’t
 “do it for the the Gram”.
Rivera Maya

Rivera Maya, Mexico


We plan vacations and explore new experiences with our real friends, and  have so much fun we don’t even capture enough photos to share. Lol.


Or… wait 2 summer’s later to share it! If you want to hear more about  Making Memories in Mexico, I’ll work on that for you. ?


Tulum Ruins, Mexico



Tulum, Mexico


Summer 2017 | Tulum Ruins, Mexico

A Blogger has a few different circles; a ‘real friends’ circle, a  ‘readers’ circle, a ‘Bloggers’ circle, and every so often, a ‘blog buddy’ or 2.
I can’t say I have a blogger circle, [ too much time for unauthentic relationships ]
but I do have a a few blog buddies.
The difference between a ‘real’ friend and a blog buddy is simply this… Your ‘real’ friend may not quite understand the industry to support you  the way your blog buddy does.
Does it surprise you that a “blog buddy” is a thing? I have had the pleasure of connecting with a hand full of  Mom Bloggers  and have genuinely built relationships from it.
I enjoy meeting new people. For me, that’s time worth investing in.
Check out my favorites here.

Tulum, Mexico

Chatting with several other moms who blog,  I’ve learned that this “Blogging Game” can be ruthless. There are so many Bloggers or Influencers [ if you will ? ] that are very shallow.
No matter how deep the water appears to be, but   you should always prepare to swim alone.
While networking in this industry sounds like a good idea… TRY succeeding and not having any time available to check up on your fellow-bloggers’ content! Your blogger-friend has no problem using her  unfollow button.
Those are the Blogger Buddies that aren’t your real friends!
Those are the kind of followers that you don’t need on your team.
Those are the Blogger Babes that are in it just for the numbers.
Little do they know, they’re not going to last too long.


Playa Del Carmen resorts, Cancun Mexico

Meliã Resorts La Perla | Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

As a Blogger, you are building a Blog Brand. Everything you do  from aesthetics, content, media kits, sponsored posts, to your circle of Blogger Babes must be cohesive.
You don’t need those fake friends or fake followers!
Fake friends don’t support you and fake followers do not fill the empty space of friends you don’t have.
If  you haven’t noticed –
big brands now have a system that goes through your 0.5 million ‘deactivated’ followers before they send you the contract.
Also, you better have your blog and social media analytics on hand because you WILL have to provide the numbers.
I may not have hundreds of thousands or half a million followers on Instagram, but here’s the result of being organic. Fohr Card does not play!



Fohr Card Award

I am very selective with the brands I partner with.  I DO NOT accept deals or partnerships from unfamiliar brands.
[ unless I discovered something awesome about them on my own ]
  • You WILL find the products I share inside my home as a part of my daily routine. [ 5+ years ]
  • You WILL know when I absolutely do not care for a company. [ people or corporations ]
  • You WILL only hear me brag about brands or businesses I am loyal to. [ 10+ years ]
  • You WILL see that I am very selective with the choices I make.
  • You WILL NEVER see me put energy into anything that doesn’t bring me joy.



This is my strategy. Even if  it takes me longer to build, it is apparent I value quality over quanity. I can’t be the Blogger or Mom Blogger who will settle for anything:)


Meliã Resorts Mexico

Meliã La Perla, Mexico

“If one door closes, another will open.”
As exciting as it is to know opportunities came knocking at my door, the decisions weren’t easy.
For a new door to open , I’d have to be willing to shut my family out, lock up and leave my home behind.
Please believe I am extremely thankful and I DO know how fortunate I am – having the honor to partner with some of the biggest brands.
I entered this world as a JOURNALIST. I share my life with people I care about – who care about me – and care about my family.
Because there is NO WAY humanly possible I can repeat the same story to 100+  people that are in my life.
People always wanna know if being a “BLOGGER” makes you money.
Well you know what? I DON’T KNOW.
That is a question you may want to ask yourself.
I don’t know what “making money” means to you.
I don’t do it for the money.
I am a licensed Cosmetologist who Styles hair, makeup, wardrobe and photo shoots by day and I am a Journalist by Night. [ after mothering is done for the day, of course. ]
I can’t seem to put a price on the time I’ve lost – making sure every photo looks perfect enough to post for a brand – for people I don’t know – yet not giving a shit that the ones I love most would rather embrace life’s  imperfections, as they  TRULY  live.

Tulum Beach, Mexico

Please don’t take this blog post personal, it’s not intended to discourage you from following your dreams. I’ve been receiving a ton of emails requesting advice  on  the “blogging truth” topic, so here are my thoughts displayed.

WHY  in  THE  HELL  do   I  FEEL  THE  NEED  to  APOLOGIZE   for  MY  FEELINGS  on  MY  BLOG,  MY DIARY, MY  JOURNAL,  MY  SPACE  that  I  pay for?! 


Just to insure someone else doesn’t take it the wrong way?!


These are some of the things to consider as well, if you want to join this train.

Nothing worth it is easy.
Everything that is easy is not worth it.
You don’t become an overnight celebrity by being a Blogger.
Being a Blogger doesn’t mean you are entitled to get free stuff.
Just like any other full-time job, you’ve got to work your butt off!
Know your worth.
Don’t do it because you’ve heard “Bloggers make lots of money”.
 DAMN RIGHT – Bloggers can make LOTS of money.
Bloggers put in the WORK to make that kind of money too. Like 7-10+ years worth of everything I mentioned earlier.
Can you sacrifice honest living?
Is money more important to you than your family?
Are you willing to give it all you got to be a successful blogger?
Because if not…you are in it for the wrong reasons.

And  THAT  — Ladies & Gentlemen, is the BLOGGING TRUTH.

Hope this helps to answer all of your questions. I am here if you need me.



Sarah Dam-Chambers

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  • Reply
    October 12, 2018 at 12:23 am

    Sarah — you spoke the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!! You + I have had so many of these conversations and I echo your sentiments. And thank YOU for being an awesome mama I love to follow!!! ?

    • Reply
      October 12, 2018 at 2:52 am

      These are words that anxiously needed to be unleashed! With mamas who hold a strong, solid spirit like you and I – who share a common view in this world, I hope to be able to reach and touch the minds of many more. Love ya Shay!

  • Reply
    Stephanie Sebero
    October 12, 2018 at 12:32 am

    Yes! Voice power! I love that you are so very real and authentic. I am truly and consistently amazed and inspired by the way that you have chosen to show up in this world. Faith and good works! Most people forget that last part, but I know you have an abundance of both to give your God, yourself, your family, and your friends. Faith and good works! Also, purple bedrooms rock! I remember that! Kyla chose that color for her room, in three shades, when she was a young girl. 🙂 I hope that she also found solace and comfort within it’s walls. I love you and everything you stand for. Can’t wait to see you soonest!

    • Reply
      October 12, 2018 at 2:47 am

      Thank you Stephanie! I’ve come from A WHOLE LOT of ‘works’… good and bad. But every time the work is done, I come out even stronger. Mostly mentally, but always wholeheartedly. Thank you for always standing in my corner and cheering me on! Love you too!

  • Reply
    October 13, 2018 at 12:43 am

    Sarah!!! Gurl…you ain’t never lied! I agree with you wholeheartedly and I’m happy to call you my blogger friend, I can’t wait for us to meet somewhere exotic like Tulum and do a photoshoot, mark my word, THIS WILL HAPPEN in due time. Until then, I’ve got your back sis. Xo

    • Reply
      October 13, 2018 at 12:46 am

      Awe… hey Tigisti!!! Your sweet words just made my day! Yes, we will HAVE to make that happen! XOXO

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