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Whether you want longer or fuller hair, the most important step is to consult a certified hair extensions specialist.

Because no head of hair is exactly the same. Therefore, what works for her – may not work for you.

The good news is; there’s a hair method that will achieve the look you desire, without damaging your tresses.

We offer luxury grade hair extensions of various textures, lengths, and curl patterns. Customized coloring is available as an additional service.

If you are in Charlotte and would like to find an experienced hair stylist who specializes in hair extensions, Modern Style Studio is located in South Charlotte; in Rea Farms/Waverly, minutes away from Providence, Ballantyne, Blakeney, and Marvin.

It is important to consult with a Hair extensions specialist – to discuss the necessary steps, to figure out which method or hair extensions technique is the best solution for your hair type.


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Sure you are curious about the different hair extension methods. The 3 most popular ones as of 2019, are weft hair extensions, tape-in extensions, and strand-by-strand.





Weft hair extensions, also known as “weave”, dates back to the Cleopatra days, documented among the Egyptians in 3400 BC.

Till this day, most licensed cosmetologists will highly recommend weft hair extensions to prevent the stress on your hair. Applications include:



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Trichotillomania client @ Modern Style Studio


When weft is supported by braids and attached with thread. Depending on your hair texture, this technique may last 2-3 months.

There are endless textures of weft hair extensions from European, Brazilian, Asian, Indian to African textures. Virgin human hair bundles can be colored or highlighted by professional hair stylists.




Clip-in hair extension wefts have combs or barrette clips attached on the top of weft. Recommended for coarse or thicker hair textures, the clips will snap onto the hair, hidden towards the bottom to hide weft.

Clip-ins are great for a temporary look. Not recommended to keep in overnight.



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Cancer recovering client @Modern Style Studio


This method is similar to the sew-in method, except Stylist is sewing weft through ceramic beads instead of braids. May last between 1-2 months.

Not recommended for fine hair.



Tape-in extensions have become very popular over the years. For a flatter appearance, these extensions are hand-tied into a seamless strip. But the downfall is the maintenance. Lasts about 1-1.5 months.




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Microbead hair extensions @Modern Style Studio

As tedious as it sounds, the strand-by-strand hair extensions method is the long process. You may be familiar with Microbead, Fusion, Microlink,  or Bonded Hair Extensions.

Hair pieces are made up of collectively 20-60 strands of hair, bonded together by hot glue, keratin, or polyurethane.  This method involves attaching the hair piece to your hair by with a warm glue gun, or cold fusion with plyers – using ceramic or copper cylinders.

Maintenance depends on how fast your hair grows. The average client returns every 1.5-2 months to slide the cylinders up towards the roots.


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