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Finally… a five star restaurant that offers a Children’s Menu! Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse welcomes families with children! See what’s on the menu and what our little ones think about fine dining at Fleming’s.


Before you assume we are those  crazy  parents who allow our children to disturb other families during  dinner at a restaurant… GUILTY ??‍♀️

 [ about 5 years ago, lol. ]

Just kidding.?

We are thankful to say that our children are surprisingly well-behaved when we’re in a restaurant atmosphere.  Or at least that’s what we’ve been told:)

It was a little hard for us to relax and enjoy our meals back then, since we felt the need to keep them entertained.

 Glad that those days are over with!  Our children are at the age now – where they can appreciate the whole restaurant experience. Maybe all the “child-forbidden” date nights Mommy and Daddy used to take makes them curious to join us – so they can make sure we’re not having “too much fun” without them. Lol.

Thank goodness we no longer have to worry about finding a sitter if we have a taste for good food! Now they can all just  join us and not have to miss out on a great meal.


Fleming’s charlotte

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse



We are  by – far  the “traditional parents” who hold a firm grip on family traditions.

Sitting down at the table and eating together is a daily ritual in our home.

 Thanks to our parents – Jeremy and I have been carrying on this routine with our children since their high chair days.

Liyah,  Sydney,   & Jason,  highly value quality time.

“Every new experience should  be done  together  as a family” — they say:)

Sounds like an easy request, right?

We try to include our children in any event that’s appropriate for them to attend. It makes them so happy! They enjoy trying different restaurants and exploring the menu. If  MOMMY is a true foodie….

Does it surprise you that these 3 – who came out of   me  – happens to all be foodies too?! Lol.

We’ve introduced them to various types of cuisines.  They’re building their taste palate to prepare themselves for a taste of the “real” world:)

As much as we enjoy meal prepping at home, sometimes it’s exciting to hear, “get dressed, we’re going out for dinner!”

Our girls LOVE “fancy” dining!

[ sorry we’ve raised the bar guys? ]

Have you noticed most “fancy” restaurants are not child-friendly? If a restaurant offers a Children’s  Menu, the meals are not the same quality as the meals on the adult side. It’s not fair to assume they’re too young to know the difference. Because you are never too young to learn.



Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, Charlotte, NC


When we found out about Fleming’s Children’s Menu – the first thing Sydney said to us was, “I want to try their steak!” Oh, She is OBSESSED with steak!


Let me tell you – the girl is very particular about her steak!


Fleming’s kids menu

Jason was tired of pictures and ready to eat already!

At Fleming’s, children can now experience a  3 course meal right off of the Children’s Menu.

The starter options include a salad or sliced apples with a caramel-glaze dip. There’s a unique variety of entree options as well.

Now  THAT’S  what you call a five-star kids’ meal!

If adults are taught to appreciate excellence – why can’t we teach our children the same? There is absolutely nothing wrong with starting them young!

The Chambers children are ALL about EXPERIENCE!

Jeremy and I have been dining at Fleming’s Steakhouse for years!

We’ve celebrated our  Anniversary, Valentine’s Day,  friends’ birthdays… I’ve even  hosted a birthday party for myself here as well!

We highly recommend Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse to our family and friends because we know food and service will without a doubt be up to standard:)

Knowing your worth is important. Becoming independent is essential. Learning is more fun when  you feel like they’re in control.

As for Jeremy and I, watching these little humans practice their life skills  in “real life” – is so much fun to watch!


Fleming’s Steakhouse welcomes children

They said, “Our server James is so awesome!”

James is very knowledgeable and wise. He loves to read. Being a grandfather to 12 – his attentiveness and patience is quite impressive:)






Fleming’s Children’s Menu



Sydney prefers her steak medium-rare with a side of seasoned mashed potatoes.  It was so good she didn’t bother to ask for A1 sauce! Yes!


Filet Mignon from Fleming’s Children’s Menu



Liyah is very easy to please. Chicken Tenders and French Fries may seem like a basic meal, but that’s what her appetite called for.


Chicken Tenders from Fleming’s Children’s Menu



Jason’s Shrimp Tempura gave him his  “seafood fix” for the night. He says the tempura was yummy with a light and airy crisp. The algrodolce sauce added an Asian kick to his meal.  Yum. ?


Colossal Shrimp Tempura from Fleming’s Children’s Menu




I  HAVE to order Ahi Tuna if it’s on the menu. That’s a raw protein my body will never stop craving.

Beef Carpaccio is another “go- to” starter of mine.  I like to convince  my husband that he’s “very hungry”  to make him order an extra dish. I always finish  my food before he does, so it’s nice to have more options:)

Fleming’s Steakhouse

Beef Carpaccio and Ahi Tuna Poke



 Fleming’s worked their magic on that Filet! It was perfect. I witnessed my husband inhale it!


Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse

Main Filet Mignon topped with Jumbo Lump Crab


The Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass and Grilled Lobster tail was AMAZING!  Brewed with Miso soy and  pan-seared  crisp to perfection – resting on a bed of spinach. My favorite way to eat my favorite fish!


Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass and Grilled Lobster Tail | Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse


If you’re a big fan of Brussel sprouts,  these are delicious! Seasoned with Apple Cider Vinegar and  bacon.

The signature Chipotle  Mac n Cheese and Potatoes Au Gratin never disappoints.


Fleming’s Signature Sides


When it tastes so good that you can’t explain it – you’ve gotta let them experience  it for themselves:)



“Sharing is caring”

This is how we ended our delicious dinner and Family Night at Fleming’s…. good conversations over delectable deserts.



Jeremy’s favorite Carrot Cake



Fleming’s Creme Brûlée


Wild Berry Sorbet from Fleming’s Children’s Menu


Fleming’s Steakhouse Menu, Fleming’s Steakhouse Charlotte

Family Night at Fleming’s Prime Steak House


Thank you so much Maddison, Clinton, Robert and Fleming’s team for hosting our family dinner.

As usual – We all enjoyed everything and you will definitely see us again!

Our children are very grateful for the wonderful experience. Thanks for taking care of our  babies and for raising their dinner standards:)




*sponsored by Fleming's Steakhouse,
 Charlotte, NC
*all opinions are my own

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