What’s Your Mom Style? 



Corporate-Mom –  oversees a team that drains her energy before she gets home, when she’s home, she doesn’t want to be bothered. She sleeps better after a glass of red wine. 

Mom-Preneur – a crafty, a free spirit, and a “workaholic”. She looks at her phone more than her surroundings. Her children annoys her, and husband often feels neglected. 

Fur-Mom – woman who’s obsessed with her pet; can care less about having children, and forgets that there’s life outside of ‘fur-life’. Her husband secretly wishes for quality time. 

Millennial Mom – like 95% of the world; the mom that’s always “on-the-go”. This mom browses the internet for ideas and inspiration. Reads every review, rates businesses, and researches throughly before making a purchase. 

Southern Mom – typically a “people pleaser”. A young, stay-at-home mom who loves to decorate her home while watching reality shows. On the outside, she’s bubbly, but on the inside she wants to burst into tears. 

Organic Mom – all natural, no preservatives, GMO Free – Mom. Spends the bulk of her time in athletic wear at the Farmers Market, and encourages family time outdoors. 

Tired Mom – extremely nurturing; mom who takes care of everyone else but herself; complains all the time, has a negative attitude, and hates everything in life because she can’t seem to find time for herself. 


If you are all of the above or at least 3 of the above, 


You are a ModernStyleMom.


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Time is the one thing in life we can never get back. No need to apologize for who you are. And don’t take advice anyone who “mom-bashes”. 


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