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 On most days, your work seems more important. Is work the only reason you’ve been neglecting your man? Does he think you’re cheating? Girl, get ahead of the game before it is too late! See why every couple needs a romantic getaway in NYC!




The man you married is no longer the first thing on your mind, is he?

Neither are your children. Is it because you’ve lost interest?

Obsessed over something a lot more important than the person you married? There’s a fine line between obsession and addiction.
Most married couples are addicted to “adulting.”

The premature cause of adulting stems from a familiar lifestyle called work.

Workaholics are under the influence of ‘adulting’.

Man, adulting will take over your life, tire you by the hour, and spare you no minutes. 

Three weeks ago; I was minding my business, [working, per usual] when my husband hugged me and said, “I miss falling asleep next to you.” 

My initial thought was : “has it really been that long?” 

Heck yeah – it is WAY too long for a couple who’s been waking up in each other’s arms every morning  for the past 14 years!

It was hard for me to admit to myself that I have  been cheating on him with Mac!


Boy, a month of no sleep and not sleeping next to your spouse – can easily make you lose sight of what’s going on around you. 

Mac suffocated me and restricted me in an invisible bubble – forcing me to inhale hardcore doses of work.

Gosh – if my husband didn’t point out the problem, I wouldn’t have noticed I was getting ‘wasted’ with work.

Somebody had to ‘bust this bubble’ at some point so I can breathe again! 

Ahhhhh — Oxygen… taking my mind into a whole different state.
In the state of New York … so I can catch my breath!




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 Maintaining a happy marriage shouldn’t feel like a responsibility. In fact, love is natural and will survive on its own with vital substance.

Let’s stop making excuses about having no time. We all know we make time for things that are important to us.

If your marriage is a priority to you,

plan a romantic couples getaway.

Better yet, ask other couples if they’d like to join the fun!



Make sure you plan your couples’ getaway with couples you actually enjoy being around;)

Why New York?

Because you are likely to find  affordable airfare from CLT to NYC on your American Airlines app.

[book 6-8 weeks prior to find rates as low as $99 ]

Play around with the arrival  and departure time to get the best deal.

For example – consider how early you’d want to start your day in the city; then calculate using Google Maps or Waze .  


nyc, the mommy directory

Figure out how long it will take you to commute from point A-point B. Make sure to map it during those hours to see how busy traffic is.

The perfect couples’ getaway doesn’t have to be super fancy or expensive. The objective is to get away from our everyday work and adult life.

The perfect couples’ getaway is being around the perfect group of friends:)




Lexington nyc Hotel,

Finding a hotel in a big city can be intimidating. Especially the “Big Apple” where there’s hundreds of hotels to choose from.


Here’s how we picked our favorite…


If you’ve been following our travel stories, then you know we are Elite SPG | Marriot-Bonvoy members. With that being said – we have hotel standards. Being an elite member, we enjoy the benefits and perks that sets us apart from the rest.


Quality  and superior service is a must for us.

We want a memorable experience.



Second, we appreciate a young, ‘hip’ atmosphere.

[HA…as if we’re still young & hip.]

If convenience is important to you, consider the location when finding a hotel in NYC.


Create an itinerary – a list of top attractions in the city you want to visit using The Mommy Directory. This will allow you to use your travel time efficiently.


New York City , nyc, Broadway nyc


Keep in mind though – it’s NYC. Walking may get you to your destination faster than Uber;) Talk about Uber… that tab can add up quick!

To find the best hotel in NYC, make a ‘hotel preference’ check list.




If you’re looking for a romantic hotel in NYC, in a great location, and your standards are similar to ours, reserve your romantic couples getaway experience with

The Lexington NYC!





Built in 1929, this brilliant beauty is located in upper Eastside,  Midtown Manhattan.

Speaking of beauty, the glamorous  Lexington Hotel Autograph Collection  was once the home of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio.


Preserved as one of Hollywood’s iconic celebrities, both Marilyn and her historical NY home will remain one of the city’s top tourist attractions.


At Lexington NYC Hotel, the minute you enter the lobby door – you are greeted graciously.

On the day upon our arrival, we were swept away by the exceptional service given by Ms. Breda at the concierge desk.


She was not only personable, but super sweet, and made sure we were taken care of – from the minute she saw us walking in.

 We suppose this is why she’s been with the company for 22 years;)

Lexington NYC Hotel, Autograph collection nyc, the Mommy directory, modern style mom, Dam mrs chambers


The Lexington Autograph Collection Hotel is a stunning, fashionable and a sophisticated boutique hotel .

Being treated like a queen next to my king in a romantic setting feels like a dream. 

 Learn more about Autograph Collection Hotels


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Channeling my inner Modern-Day-Monroe.





New York City is America’s melting pot.

While walking around the city is enough to keep us all entertained; there are a million eateries to try and a million taxis  to chase! If you enjoy boutique hunting – then you are in the right city!  There’s definitely enough shopping to burn deep holes in your pocket! [literally]


NYC, Rockefeller center


Hi there! Meet the 3 married couples from Charlotte – The Chamberses, The Shadoins, and The Lynches.

Parents who coordinated sitters for the weekend to plan a romantic weekend getaway to New York City  … TO EAT!  It’s just the ‘little things’, right?


 We flew to NYC for food and to surround ourselves with like-minded parents who share similar family values. Hearing their stories sound familiar to our ears. Like we’re listening to ourselves talk:)

OMG – wish you could have heard some of our deepest, ‘adult’ conversations, “from FARTS to FINANCES”.

Oh dear life!  Somebody PLEASE insert a crying emoji!!!

We, the parents NEEDED this break from adulting. Aside from being parents, it’s important to be each other’s husband and wife.  We deserve a couples getaway to get away!

We need to be ‘adulting’ away from the kids and do what makes us happy:)

Like explore new restaurants in NYC. Here are a few    places in NYC for ‘foodies’ to try on your couples getaway:



After all these years BRUNCH is still a ‘thing’.

One weekend is not enough to experience all the best places to brunch in NYC.

With compliments of Parker & Quinn Restaurant & Bar, we started our Saturday off with the Bloody & Bubbly Board.

Parker & Quinn Restaurant and Bar NYC


Who doesn’t appreciate a “build your own” beverage?

If you want it done right, you’ve got to ‘do it yourself’:)


Parker & Quinn Restaurant and Bar is  part of the In Good Company Hospitality family.

The American brunch menu focuses on healthy, natural and sustainable products.

Power up with  an Açaí Bowl for breakfast, Caramelized Apple French Toast for brunch, or a savory plate of P & Q’s famous  Crab Cakes Eggs Benedict.

A casual restaurant with a millennial bar atmosphere, great service, top quality ingredients – brunch at Parker & Quinn was a success.


Dominique Ansel NYC,

A woman that’s married with children needs a “girls day out”. And married men need their “guy time”.

Although our hubbies don’t mind waiting by the exit door while we shop, it would be selfish of  us to have them wait for us;)

Men can care less about waiting an hour in line for a  cronut at Dominique Ansel Bakery!

I mean – it’s only  the place where New York’s pastry chef Dominique Ansel invented the first world-class  cronut  back in 2011…  [sarcasm spikes]

Dominique Ansel nyc


Lexington nyc, Autograph collection Hotel nyc

Here’s me and my better half – my forever date to every date! I love him so much!


How liberating for us parents to finally relax, enjoy a full course dinner – at a table covered with white linen… without wiping someone’s mess up or yelling and constantly telling them to sit down and eat? Oh… with no withdrawal symptoms from our kids!


And… we were able to catch up on life with no filter and have uninterrupted R-rated conversations about Game of Thrones … as we devoured the seafood tower from Gallagher’s Steakhouse!


Gallagher’s Nyc

 Mr. & Mrs. Hernandez, Lynch, Shadoin, and Chambers.

All at one table, married – without children [or pets].


 Good food. Good conversations. Good people.

 Life Is Good.



Lexington hotel nyc, lexington nyc, why lexington, romantic hotel in nyc

“Romantic relationships are important to our happiness and  well-being”~says the American Psychological Association.


Happier means healthier.

Because we’ve always been conditioned to believe that work is the remedy to balance a healthy family.

We’ve been prescribed with a stress stimulant and followed the prescription’s instruction. We ignored the side effects  that over time may cause long term effects.

To be honest with you, I don’t even remember what it feels like to sleep through the night. Sometimes my dreams feel more real than the numbness of reality. That’s my honest testimony.


Jeremy and I are pretty good at proactively making time for one another. Growing together as a married couple taught us how quickly time absorbs our years.

We’ve got to slow down so we don’t miss another dose of each other’s love.


Jeremy and I married for love, not work. No amount of money cures happiness.

As I go deeper into thought about romance, my husband is heavily sedated after he threw his head on the plush white pillow in our suite at The Lexington Hotel. Lol.


Lexington nyc hotel,


Listen – we love our children the most! This is why we need to get away every-so-often. It will give us some time to miss them.


We used to feel guilty for traveling without our children, but you know what?

Before we became parents, Jeremy and I had the ‘hots’ for each other.  I mean, we couldn’t keep our hands off one other.


the lexington nyc hotel, autograph collection hotel, romantic hotels in nyc, marriott bonvoy, the mommy directory, modern style mom, mr. and mrs. chambers


Before them, it was me … and him.

We both miss that so much.

I didn’t sign up to become a mother – so I can lose my title as his wife.

I  deserve to step away for a few days, to be a wife to the man I’m contracted to love.


Marriage isn’t a temp-job. It’s a permanent position.

I’ve got mommy AND wifey duties to fulfill.

Taking breaks from family and work life is a health benefit for all parents.

The break made us whole again.

 And the bonus? I get to come home to be a better mother to my children because of the few days I was away…  being a wife to my husband.

We’re far from the world’s perfect parents. We do the best we can with hopes of raising happy, kind, and whole-hearted humans.

But we must not forget… all of that starts with us.

Romantic parents are happier and happy parents make happy kids:)


I’ve got to tell Mac – it’s been fun, but uh.., I’ve got to go back to my main man. Can’t keep cheating on my husband! Lol


The couples romantic getaway is to be continued…


Lexington NYC, Lexington nyc Hotel, romantic weekend getaway in nyc, the Mommy directory

Thanks for letting us share our story with you.

We strongly believe in raising a happy & healthy family.  Hope our experience inspires you to make time for the ones you love.

Please don’t forget to join our email list so we can send you exclusive discounts on travel packages;)




*Along with our honest thoughts and opinions,this is a true account of our experience.
Jeremy and I are the most appreciative to The Lexington  NYC Hotel
 for hosting our romantic weekend getaway. 
Thank You so much for your hospitality.

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