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“A woman who knows how to balance married-life, mom-life, and work-life, is about to change the world! 

How does a 3 day weekend with your girlfriends in Miami sound ?!


Miami Mami


Sounds like 3 days full of bottomless mimosas, unfiltered girl talks, tons of fun, hitting up all the hot spots, just you and your girls – soaking up the sun in your bikini tops! We created The Girls Getaway Guide to show you how to make the most of your 3-day stay in Miami.

The Girls Getaway Guide


Girls Getaway In Miami, SLS Hotel South Beach


When was the last time you and your girlfriends planned a girls getaway? It’s probably been forever, right?

If you’re waiting on someone to remind you that you need a vacation, you’ll be waiting forever.

“A woman who knows how to balance married-life, mom-life, and work-life, is about to change the world!”

Keep in mind though, there’s a difference between juggling while balancing and balancing while juggling.

Getting away for a few days to rejuvenate, is therapeutic  for the soul!
If you’re ‘that mom’ who feels guilty about traveling without your family, stop letting those vacation days roll-over… TAKE A BREAK MAMA!

Use The Girls Getaway Guide to plan your next girls getaway weekend,  and have yourself the best time ever!

Why South Beach, Miami


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Picture Miami for a minute…
A dreamy city, with beautiful people, blue water, and uber eats by the ocean.

What if – you and your girlfriends take 3 days off from work, pack a carry-on, and spend a weekend in Miami?! Sounds like 3 days  full of bottomless mimosas, unfiltered girl talks, tons of fun, hitting up all the hot spots, just you and your girls – soaking up the sun in your bikini tops!

You can feel the breeze – from the Floridian palm trees; Bachata to the beat of Miami, or watch the  sunset on the white sand beach.
Everything that makes a girl happy, is literally, right in the heart of South Beach!
Ready to overdose on vitamin sea?

The best way to maximize your weekend in Miami, is to find a hotel in the best location.

Here’s how:

Find A Hotel In The Heart Of South Beach


SLS Hotel South Beach, Girls getaway guide,south beach Miami, south beach boutique hotel

For the best SoBe experience, you’ve got to find a hotel located in the heart of South Beach.
The heart of South Beach is Ocean Dr.

To be in the center of or within walking distance of South Beach, you want to stay somewhere below 23d street (address number under 2300) and on or within a block of Washington Ave., Collins Ave., or Ocean Dr.

Hotels that meet the center of SoBe are, Delano, SLS, Shore Club, and more. From any of these hotels, you can easily walk to the beach, the clubs along Washington Ave., Ocean Dr., and Lincoln Road Mall.

How To Choose The Best Boutique Hotel In Miami


SLS Hotel South Beach

Known as one of South Florida’s premier vacation destinations, Miami Beach is a modern metropolis and cultural treasure trove.


During the day, you’ll see white sand beaches ornamented with stunning, beachfront hotels along the shore. With so many boutique hotels to choose from, let’s be honest, it’s not an easy decision for a girl to make.


We chose SLS Hotel South Beach because it checks off all the boxes on our Miami list.
For location, convenience, and quality, we are confident that SBE Hotel Group will live up to your standards.

SLS Hotel South Beach


SBE Hotel Group has a beautiful collection of  boutique hotels. For a romantic escape, our favorite South Beach  hotel is Delano.

If you and your girlfriends are looking for an Instagram-worthy, stylish, beachfront, luxury-boutique experience,
SLS Hotel South Beach will exceed your expectations!

We were extremely impressed by the team’s hospitality. The SLS staff, concierge, the entire management team were all very helpful during our stay. If you need recommendations on what to explore, rest assured, Freddy Frances will go above and beyond to make that event memorable.

A beautiful hotel helps, but a beautiful hotel filled with passionate people – makes the experience exceptional.
For more information about this hotel, click here.

Make The Most Of Your 3-Day Stay In Miami


SLS Hotel south beach, girls getaway, miami, hot moms in miami


Miami has been at the top of our girls getaway ‘go-to‘ list for over 16 years!  It’s impossible to count on both hands, the amount of times me and my girls made the perfect weekend out of South Beach! It’s only 2 hrs if you’re flying from the Carolinas. From Fort Lauderdale airport to South Beach takes about 40 minutes. Miami International Airport takes 30. Make sure you consider location when you book your hotel.

SLS Hotel South Beach, SLS, SLS Pool, Hyde Beach, South Beach Miami

By choosing SLS, we didn’t waste time or money on cabs. Everything we needed was conveniently located at the hotel. We also had priority access to the Lincoln house car. This is an incentive for all of you ‘high-heel-wearers’.  Get chauffeured to dinner or somewhere sexy without breaking an ankle or a heel. ?


Katsuya SLS, SLS Hotel South Beach, SBE Hotels


Speaking of dinner, it is a MUST that you make reservations at Katsuya by Starck . 


Katsuya SLS, Katsuya, SLS Hotel South Beach, SBE Hotels

It will be the most amazing restaurant experience you’ve ever had! Ask Robert for his recommendations.

After this trip, we can all agree, those 10hr road trips down I-95, [ before we became moms ] were surely, worth the ride:)


Like always, Thank you for trusting our recommendations. Happy Girls Getaway!  We wish you a wonderful weekend! 


Please keep in mind,

 How To Make The Most Of Your 3-Day Stay In Miami  are  highly subjective.  Hope The Girls Getaway Guide had the resources to help you plan your next visit to Miami. When you go, let us know what you think;) Check out our favorites at SLS Hotel South Beach:

girls getaway guide, Katsuya SLS, best Japanese restaurant


Hyde Beach

Dragon Lounge South Beach , Dragon Lounge SLS, SLS Hotel South Beach

Dragon Lounge

The Girls Getaway Guide, Miami, SLS Hotel South Beach guest pool, SLS Pool, SLS Miami Pool

SLS Guest Pool

The Girls Getaway Guide, South Beach Miami, Miami mama, SLS Hotel South Beach,south beach boutique hotel

Soak Up The Sun At The Beach

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Rent A Pink Mini Moke At SLS

*we partnered with SLS Hotel, but all opinions are truly ours.
*photography | videography by Goliath Views

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