Omni Amelia Plantation Resort, Amielia Island

Tired of taking your family to Myrtle Beach?

Drive 2 more hours for a new beach experience!

 We know long distance road trips can get a ‘little bumpy’ at times, with small children.

Want to experience a drivable beach along the coast of North/South Carolina?

 Here are 7 reasons to visit Amelia Island with your family…


Omni Amelia Island Resort, 7 Reasons To Visit Amelia Island With Your Family, Views from Omni Amelia Plantation, Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach Florida


1. For A Florida Beach Near The Carolinas


Well if you’re interested in seeing beaches outside of the Carolina coast this summer….  a 5.5  hour drive from NC isn’t as bad as you think.

Head south of the Georgia-Florida border;  the northernmost of barrier sands, on the Atlantic coast, because that’s where you will find Amelia Island.

Amelia Island is a hidden gem.

The island was named after Princess Amelia, daughter of George II of Great Britain.

On a private island with pristine waters; with an abundant nature of wildlife, you will find 13 miles of beautiful beaches – including the family-friendly Fernandina Beach .


Omni Amelia plantation resort, Fernandina Beach Florida, Amelia Island, 7 Reasons To Visit Amelia Island With Your Family


2. Fernandina Beach


If you are looking for a clean, well maintained, family-friendly beach near the Carolinas, then Fernandina Beach is for you.

Fernandina Beach is open to the public. Pets are welcome, there’s free parking along with chairs and umbrellas for rent.

Plenty of restaurant options to choose from on and off of the resorts.


Fernandina Beach Florida , Amelia island


Unlike the brown beaches in North/South Carolina &  Georgia, Fernandina Beach actually looks blue.

The water is also clearer than the sandy beaches along the Carolina coast.

A blue beach with clear water makes snorkeling more fun for the family!

There’s two good reasons why you should visit Amelia Island with your family.

We traveled by car with our children, our parents, and extended family. A total of 15 family members! Talk about a “family road trip”. Lol.

What resort can accommodate all of us?!


Omni Amelia Island Resort, 7 Reasons To Visit Amelia Island With Your Family,Omni Amelia Plantation, Omni Resort Amelia Island


3. Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort


What’s a vacation if the experience isn’t memorable?

A vacation is an event we crave and look forward to.

Therefore the minute we arrive to our destination,  we’d want to feel the passion for paradise!

The kind where those dramatic French doors open up, welcomes you in, and greets you with a grand gesture.

Your lodging experience can affect your entire vacation mood.

Thanks to Omni Hotels & Resort,

every day started off perfectly! Everything we need is on the resort.


Omni Amelia Plantation Resort,7 Reasons To Visit Amelia Islsnd With Your Family, Omni Amelia Island Plantation


4. Everything You Need Is On The Resort


No need to step foot off the property unless you just want to explore the city.

When everything you need is on the resort, it saves you so much time. More time to enjoy your vacation and less time worrying about an agenda.

At Omni Amelia Plantation ; you and your spouse can lounge in the adult pool area – underneath the white umbrellas, play with your kids in the family pool, or let them swim safely while you relax and escape the sun rays:)


Omni Amelia Plantation Resort, Omni Amelia Island,


Well let’s be honest,  there’s no such thing as relaxing by the pool around children! Lol.

You know we are constantly lifting our heads up – to keep a close eye on our little ones – every 5 minutes.

…. until it’s time to eat again:)


Sunrise Cafe Omni Amelia Island


5. Dining At The Omni


Breakfast at Sunrise Café is the best way to start your day:)

Oh yes – because the most amazing experience includes food and breathtaking views!


Sunrise Café was a 2 minute walk from our room. We were honestly surprised by how fresh & filling the buffet bar was.


Most breakfast buffets are predictable; waffles, yogurt, sausage, eggs… you can fill in the rest.

But Sunrise Café have self-serving stations – as an option to build your own breakfast. Create an avocado toast with all of your favorite healthy toppings, or add smoked salmon and capers to your poppy-seed bagels.


Sunrise Cafe Omni Amelia Island ,

Or… top your breakfast off with ocean views.

Oceanside Restaurant Amelia Island

Lunch View At OceanSide Restaurant

Who else enjoys eating outside? How about eating poolside, outside with an ocean view?

What if your lunch views are – “ocean side”?

7 Reasons To Visit Amelia Island With Your Family, Oceanside Restaurant Amelia Island

Piña Coladas by the ocean screams “vacation mode”!


Oceanside Restaurant Amelia Island


Don’t you think Seafood by the cooler is a fantastic idea?!


Oceanside Restaurant Amelia Island

On a hot Summer’s day,  we can appreciate Oceanside Restaurant for serving our family fresh seafood on the rocks.

This will hold us over until dinner:)


Verandah Amelia Island


Dinner At Verandah

Speaking of seafood … because it is essential we get as much “vitamin sea” as possible:)

Here’s a “must try” – Blue Crab Crust Grouper. Amazing. Been on Verandah’s menu for over 30 years!

Blue Crab Crust Grouper Verandah Seafood Restaurant Amelia Island

For a dining experience with a classy-coastal vibe,  you can not go wrong having dinner at Verandah.

Casual attire is acceptable and children are welcome:)

Good food and good views = Great Vacation Vibes.

 Oh, and another reason why you should visit Amelia Island with your family ….

The sensational sunrise experience.


7 Reasons To Visit Amelia Island With Your Family, Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island


6. Experience The Sunrise  On Amelia Island


Set your alarm to wake up at 6am. The sun rises at 6:22am in mid-June.

Watching the sun rise above the ocean water with your loved ones – is of the most amazing experience on Earth!

Partly because we can’t do this at home. Most of it is because it’s an indescribable, yet desirable experience for all of us.

7 Reasons To Visit Amelia Island With Your Family, Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island


An hour and a half longer of a road trip from the Carolina beaches – takes you into the Florida waters.   That’s what you call a “worthy road trip”.


Downtown Jacksonville Florida, Jacksonville skyline views, Jacksonville riverwalk


7. Worthy Road Trips From Amelia Island

Take A Road Trip To Jacksonville From Amelia Island

Dames Point Bridge Jacksonville Florida , Visit Jacksonville


Because you’re only 40 minutes away, why not take a drive to downtown Jacksonville? See what it’s all about.

We explored a bit of downtown Jacksonville, crossed over the Dames Point Bridge, took pictures by the skyline, and shopped at St. Johns Town Center.


St. Johns Town Center Mall, Jacksonville FL, Simons Mall, Jacksonville Mall, Visit Jacksonville


Road Trip From Amelia Island To St. Augustine

St. Augustine Florida, Visit St. Augustine, St. Augustine Attractions, Casa Monica Autograph Collection Hotel St. Augustine Florida


When you are that close to the most historic city in the U.S. — you HAVE to make the drive and explore the oldest city in America!

St. Augustine is an hour away from Amelia Island and is totally worth the drive! In fact, we’ve gotta say – St. Augustine was pretty amazing.

 We are so glad we did it! It’s easy to assume children will get bored, but our teen and tweens love it in St. Augustine!

To learn more about  TEENS AND TWEENS IN  ST. AUGUSTINE  go HERE.


Hope this family travel guide to Amelia Island has inspired you in some way. To sum it up in fewer words, we’d say this family road trip shared with our extended family was a memorable, quality experience.

As a Millennial family, we know how busy and demanding the ‘work-life balance’ can be.

Everyday we strive to prioritize our time for what truly matters to us.

This means making more memories with people we love. This also means spending money on experiences over material things. 

Hope you are having a great summer guys! Thank you for being a part of our lives.


Family Over Everything.

XOXO, Sarah 




Thank you Omni Hotels for an awesome 
We will see you next time!

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