Appalachian Mountains




So he asks himself, ” what do you get a someone who has EVERYTHING?” Instead of buying her more “things”, he decides to surprise her with a new experience.

My sweet, thoughtful husband is full of surprises! I came home from work on my 36th. birthday to my babies and hubby.  I know what you’re thinking… Yes, I work on my birthday! Holidays are the busiest season for hair stylists. And this is what I signed up for. So I’m used to it.

The kids were so excited that they’re hanging out with mommy on her birthday! As I’m getting settled in, my daughter Liyah says,  “mommy, daddy said we can  open one of our Christmas gifts today”! Hubby handed each one of us a box to open.

Matching thermal suits and snow mittens?!?!  We all thought about it for a minute.

“Oh, we’re going skiing!”


Yep, and he booked us all ski lessons in the morning.


The Best Husband award goes to………………… Jeremy Chambers!


Because he goes beyond infinity to give me the world. He knows my world wouldn’t be complete if him and the kids aren’t in it. So he includes them in everything. That’s what makes his gifts special.



Appalachian Ski Resort


Liyah was born for this! She fell maybe once.


Meanwhile, I busted my ass at least 10 times!! Thank goodness it was a nice day and the snow didn’t freeze! I would’ve been in pain! I wish someone could have caught me on camera though. I am pretty sure people were laughing their butts off every time I fell. But I was determined to get it right.  And once I did… I was so proud of myself.


Look at Sydney, you can tell she is having the time of her life.


Jason was super focused, lol.




Nothing makes a mom happier than seeing her children share new experiences together. Gosh, I hope they cherish these memories. My husband and I work so hard to give them the life they deserve.

As you can tell, I had one of the best birthday celebrations ever! Sharing my born-day with the people I love most is the way into my heart.

Family is everything.





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