California knows how to party.

From  L.A.,  Rodeo Dr.,  Hollywood, to the Golden State of mind.

California dreamin’ got me singing…. “I Love You, California”.

Palm trees.

Ocean breeze.

Salty air.

Sun – kissed hair.

Endless summer.

 Oh, take me there!

There are infinite reasons why we love California.

The wild, wild west… The Golden State…. California will FOREVER be our favorite place.

No matter how many times we visit, there is nothing quite like California. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to “vacation” every day?!

With all the reasons why we love California – we highly recommend everyone to experience it for themselves! It’s not for everyone. You either love it or you don’t. For us the Californian lifestyle suits us perfectly.

With plans of retiring on the west coast, we’ve decided to some day downsize our current lifestyle so we can breathe that So-Cal air.

If we lived in paradise, why on earth would we need to lock ourselves in the house?  We’d be enjoying the beautiful outdoor scenery! And the delicious restaurants! Family time outside every day hiking and staying fit!

As much as we talk about our love for California – you know our children are curious and want to know why. Especially Liyah.

Last year Liyah made the ‘A’ honor roll for the first time ever! And scored the highest on her End of Grade exam.

 I’ve got to be honest – being proud of my children’s accomplishments puts this me in the best mood ever! It means so much just knowing they put effort  into doing their very best!  That doesn’t mean we expect good results after being pressured. I just want to know you are doing the best that you can no matter what your grade point average is.

Because of the hard work  Liyah put into obeying home rules and being responsible in school, we felt she deserved something extra special for her for successfully graduating middle school with honors.

I’ve put together a cute suitcase full of outfits, accessories, makeup and all of the essentials for a weeks’ worth of adventures in California! Was she excited?! Oh, she was ecstatic!

Thanks to her auntie Thyda who is the most generous auntie ever…   Liyah and I spent an entire week exploring Southern California! Her auntie Tini flew in from New Jersey to celebrate with us too! Good food, yummy desserts, fun adventures and surrounded by women who inspires her. What more can a girl ask for?

 There’s not a day that goes by without hearing her express how much she belongs in Cali – and has been reluctantly planning her future around the sunshine state.

“Give a child a gift and she’ll be happy for a moment, give a child an experience and she’ll be happy for a lifetime”.

Now that Liyah has personally experienced California, it’s fun to include her in our “Cali -Convos”. She is able to engage, understand and have a closer connection with her parents.

California was a great idea!



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The Big Surprise


Charlotte Douglass Airport

Airplane mode


First Thing’s first : Tea Station, San Diego. BEST BOBA EVER!!


Robert Renzoni Vinyard, Temecula



Unconditional Surrender Statue – San Diego, CA


Brunchin’ in SD

La Jolla, CA


La Jolla, CA


Mother – Daughter moments in La Jolla




Lennox and Aunt Thyda


Coolest Ice Cream experience


Creamistry, Temecula



Carlsbad State Beach, CA


Carlsbad Beach, CA


Little Damages, LA


Little Damages, LA


Breakfast at Tiffany’s @Madame Tussands Wax Museum, LA


Bottegga Louie

Lunchin’ at Louie


French Macarons for dessert


Manhattan Beach, CA


Santa Monica Pier


Hollywood, CA



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