Guanacaste, Costa Rica




Celebrating Love is what we do best! What is more romantic than an exotic destination wedding?


If we can have our wedding all over again, we’d totally choose a destination wedding! Our wedding was beautiful and we both had a BALL! But nothing compares to a vacation and wedding all in one!

When we got married, Pinterest wasn’t as popular, or maybe it was, but I wasn’t “social media savvy” like I am today. And we were one of the first out of most of our friends who already had 3 children and ready to plan a wedding.

Here we are in Guanacaste, Costa Rica… ready to witness another beautiful love story. What a blessing for us to share friendship with some of the most amazing people in the world! Seems like we’ve been traveling every year to a different destination to celebrate love!

Costa Rica has always been on our bucket list. Was it everything we imagined it would be? Well…. we’ve experienced the Pacific side of CR. We can both agree that we were definitely wilderness! We imagined the natural rainforests and insects – but had no idea it was natural for those multi-legged creatures of God to be in our hotel bed every night! Lol. Apparently this is “normal”.

The ocean water was not as clear as we assumed, but once again – the Pacific side is probably much different than the Caribbean side.

The views from the airport to Resort were not that exciting – no architectural features – just trees and occasional monkeys swinging around town.

Jeremy and I both have high interest in exploring big cities. Our style is more futuristic. Costa Rica is perfect for anyone who enjoys nature. Guanacaste is very tranquil.



We’re in Costa Rica!!



 It’s an honorable feeling to be apart of a someone’s wedding memory. We have been blessed with such wonderful friends and sweet couples. We’ve shared so many beautiful wedding memories in stunning destinations. (Makes us want to do it all over again)




On July 30th., I had the pleasure of assisting the beautiful bride Kema with her makeup on her wedding day. She’s so perfect she doesn’t even need hair to validate her beauty. ?


Congrats to our friends Kema and Nick  Hopper! ?


Wedding Theme: All White


This dress was humongous when I ordered it! It did not fit my petite body at all! And.. it was see-through! I had to recreate the whole entire gown so it will look flattering on me. I adjusted and took in the sides and length by hand, regroup the appliqué to cover up my “goodies” and finished it on the plane ride. It sucks to be short! I also made the crystal and pearl head piece too. I was happy with the overall look.


Playing on the Black Sand Beach


Although, I’m more of a white-sand-girl.


The Riu Palace


Gymin’ on vacation ????


Lunch view.

IMG_4228 IMG_4235



Always crafty, always ready to look cute. Lol



Datenight with my husband.


Quality time with the love of my life.


Coconut selfies are mandatory.?


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