Mommy and Daddy needs a break!




No justification.

You need to date your spouse!

“Married couples who laugh together, last together.”

Dear Parents,
All you do is work. There’s a fine line between LOVE and HATE.
You want to LOVE your children, but you don’t want to HATE your life. And most importantly, you don’t  want to hate your spouse.
You deserve a break – away from your children.  Let’s bend the rules a bit.
I am a mother of 3.
In the perfect world – I’d like to catch my breath for at least 5 seconds before I lose it again!
I  mean,  can a Mama wake up to  nothing for once?!
NO errands. NO laundry. NO to-do list. NO dishes in the sink. NO cleaning up after anyone.
NO schedule…… NO…… NOTHING.
“Married couples who laugh together, last together.”
At the rate we’re going though, there’s no “laughing” over here!
I married my husband for companionship.
He’s the other half that keeps our peace.
The  love  for our children, and the  love  we share as husband and wife – must harmonize to balance the happiness  in our  marriage. 


Romantic Road Trip

Date your spouse! You HAVE to!
Married couples need one-on-one time.
You need quality time. Just the two of you. 
So you can cruise out of control; laugh without limits, make music together, and tune into each other’s song – without yielding turns or anyone intersecting.
[ Sounds like Bonnie & Clyde needs to take a romantic road trip down Lovers Ln, right? ?]
There are so many road trip options throughout the  Carolinas… but the most romantic city in the U.S.  is less than 3.5 hours away from Charlotte!


Queens St., Charleston, SC

Queen St. | Charleston, SC

Known as the oldest and largest city in the state of South Carolina;  Charleston is defined by its rich history, southern hospitality, well-preserved architecture, and distinguished restaurants.
When voted “World’s Best City”, it’s hard not to appreciate the existence of this gem.
We’ve taken road trips to Charleston as a family at least 10 times over the past 5 years. And I kid you not – it never gets old.
But THIS TIME… the weekend was reserved for only Mommy and Daddy!
We  tried  to unplug, but still somehow managed to do a bit of work while getting settled. At least we were able to make time to see friends and family. Jeremy and I celebrated love, ate good food, and enjoyed one another’s company like we never did before.
 Since this romantic road trip was long overdue….
I had to make sure our weekend was  extra  special!
My husband and I spent our weekend at the most beautiful hotel in downtown Charleston.
[ I’m a sucker for luxury lodging ]
We both fell in love with the Grand Bohemian Hotel Charleston the second we discovered this baroque beauty.
“This is going to be the most romantic road trip ever”, I said to myself.
Grand Bohemian Autograph Collection Hotel Charleston

Grand Bohemian Hotel Charleston

Grand bohemian Charleston

Grand Bohemian Hotel Charleston


Charleston, here we are!

When turning  into the building to valet our car,  Jeremy and I were both kindly greeted by the staff at the concierge. As he generously assisted us with our luggage; like a Queen – I  plodded through the sliding doors  in my 5” stilettos!


We were both astonished by the remarkable features of  the Grand Bohemian Hotel. Every room illustrated an aesthetically pleasing composition. Not to mention we are both Artists ourselves.?


Grand Bohemian Hotel Charleston, marriott hotels, Charleston boutique hotels

waiting area @ Grand Bohemian Charleston

Grand bohemian autograph hotel

Front desk at Grand Bohemian Hotel

Do you have an eye for art? If so, you will appreciate and value the craftsmanship of this gorgeous hotel. It is a true MASTERPIECE!


Grand Bohemian Hotel charleston

Wine Blending and Tasting Room

Interested  in wine tasting? Stop by the Wine Blending Room to taste or take a class led by Sommelier Peter Demarest, then take home your very own!

Cellar-55 at Grand Bohemian Charleston

Or try any of the featured wine at Cellar-55 while sampling $1 oysters during happy hour.?


As an artist myself, I have the deepest admiration for innovative visuals. To truly capture the culture of Charleston, Hotelier Richard Kessler embraces his passion through collecting art and unique pieces that complement the hotel’s personality.


Adjacent to the Grand Bohemian,  there’s a stand-alone gallery which features amazing artwork publicly displayed  by exclusive artists such as – JC Roy. There’s also a collection of  hand-made jewelry crafted by local artisans.


Grand Bohemian Art Gallery , grand bohemian Hotel Charleston

Grand Bohemian Charleston Gallery

Grand Bohemian Hotel Gallery

“Art speaks a million different languages that can be interpreted a billion different ways.” -Sarah Dam Chambers

Outside Grand Bohemian Gallery


There’s a cute little area right outside of the Bohemian Gallery to have coffee, tea, or even ‘people-watch’ if you want:)




Starbucks Grand Bohemian Charleston

The coolest hotels offer Starbucks coffee at the bar – yet only the best hotels have an eclectic Starbucks Coffee Shop  located right next to their lobby!


Grand bohemian Hotel Charleston, White jeans and a white bodysuit at Grand Bohemian Hotel

“No woman walks by a mirror with taking a selfie”

Grand Bohemian Hotel

Bathroom bliss – usually the first thing we check out soon as we enter our room. The hotel bathroom is an amenity we never overlook. Let’s start with this marble bathroom…


How charming is this lovely Grey vanity accented by the Silverwood tone contemporary floors? You don’t realize how much of a difference a shower room truly makes, until you actually find time to relax in one.


Modern-designed bathrooms create a simplistic and clean feeling. A feeling of euphoria.

[ We think there’s a psychological theory behind marble showers. ? ]

Kessler Bohemian Charleston King

 Welcome to our King Guest Room!
Fine art makes a bold statement –  like this divine velvet headboard. The lavishing Art Deco concept runs parallel with Charleston’s historic element. For a boutique style hotel, the rooms are more spacious than we imagined.
Everything about our room was flawless,  I mean photogenic in every way.
But the focal point of this canvas was
centered around the still shadows of 2 lovers – captured with ‘heart eyes’, and floating in one another’s arms on this luxurious pillowtop bedding. “The best moments are never photographed.”




Élevé Rooftop Restaurant & Lounge


Take me to the roof where there’s food and nice views! We were drawn to the live music one evening at Élevé Rooftop Lounge. Our Bartender Matthew hand-crafted some delicious cocktails and kindly introduced the food menu to us.



Dining Room | Rooftop Restaurant

Élevé Rooftop Restaurant


I am SO not a morning person!  If you like to roll around in bed until brunch time, like us – Catch the brunch menu at Élevé Rooftop Restaurant.


Brunchin’ @ Élevé

Experience the French-infused taste of Charleston at Grand Bohemian Hotel’s Rooftop Restaurant & Lounge.

Rooftop views

Grand Bohemian Rooftop Lounge


Grand Bohemian Rooftop Bar & Lounge

Grand bohemian Charleston, grand bohemian rooftop bar, eleven rooftop lounge charleston

Élevé Rooftop Lounge


Afterwards, escape outside to the Alice in Wonderland themed rooftop lounge and enjoy the dreamy views of Charleston’s vibrant historic district.

There’s no need to do any major planning. You don’t have to have fancy clothes or spend a lot of money.

The most important thing is having each other.

Holding hands and exploring the city with the love of my life was one of the greatest feelings my heart has felt in a while!

Baecation – Staycation – Vacation.

Whatever you want to call it:)

No justification.

Make more memories together as parents!

When you work your  butt off to provide a good life for your children,  let’s not forget – YOU deserve a good life also;)

That’s why they say, “work hard, play harder”.


Happiness with No Filter


Lots of love and a huge THANK YOU to the Kessler and  Grand Bohemian Hotel Charleston team for hosting our weekend and  treating us like royalty. It’s a blessing to know we will always have a home when we return:)


This romantic road trip was one of the best weekends Jeremy and I have had in a while!

*sponsored by Grand Bohemian Hotel Charleston but all thoughts are genuinely my own.

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    This is my favorite blog entry yet!

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      September 12, 2018 at 2:44 am

      Hi Amber!! Thank you so much! Coming from an educator really means a lot to me! I am glad you enjoyed it. I had so much fun writing it because it came from the heart:)

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