Planning a Bachelorette getaway before the big day?  Here’s a list of recommend restaurants and things to do in NOLA with the Bride and her lucky charms:)

 When it comes to planning  a  bachelorette party, we all know by now  NOLA will be nominated first. 
 This southern city is well-known for combining  French, Spanish, German, Latino, Irish and African flavors into one melting pot, and calling it Gumbo and Jambalaya:)
 Holding the title of having the best Cajun and Creole restaurants in America — This should be enough of a reason to put New Orleans on your bucket list.
Not gonna lie – I was a little hesitant about the trip at first.  Only because I’ve been warned by so many people to be aware of the  “pocket-pickers”  and “drunks” on Bourbon st. [YIKES] 
Fortunately we did not experience any of that while we were there… well minus the drunk guy who poured beer down the balcony and splashed it on my foot!  Alcohol is so cheap so expect that behavior from everyone and it won’t be such a big deal, lol. 
[ but what do you expect on St. Patty’s Day weekend?!]
Bet it’s even busier  during Mardi Gras
NOLA Bachelorette weekend , bachelorette party in Nola, girls trip to nola, New Orleans
Other than that – we had a safe and fun trip!
Always a pleasure reuniting and catching up with the ladies.
I mean this was actually the very first time EVERYONE was able to fly into the SAME city at the SAME time!
That’s what happens when you’re blessed with an amazing group of  women who loves and supports one another.
 We are so happy to celebrate  Ms. Malicia’s infinite love story!
Bourbon st. New Orleans
Our beautiful  bride-to-be, 4 of her “lucky charms”, and 6 of her closest friends.
A mama of 3, 2 mamas of 2, and 2 mamas of 1.
Most of us are in our mid – to late 30’s.
[I’m saying this in case you assume we’re in our 20’s, lol]
Now that you’re informed – you can already “feel” the  struggle and exhaustion from us  packing, loading our luggage, arriving  from the airport to airport, then to our hotel…
TRYING to stay awake to party all weekend! Lol.
Because who takes a girls’ trip to New Orleans and NOT prepare to party the whole time?!
[FML, wish it were me!]
AND… what bridal party goes ALL the way to New Orleans on a bachelorette weekend without  matching bachelorette tees?!
The Bride’s Lucky Charm  “Irish green theme”   idea ties perfectly  into St. Patrick’s Day weekend.
[which was not intentional]
 NOLA New Orleans , girls trip nola, bachelorette party in nola


 These DIY tees were designed and made from a cricket machine. Cool right?! I’m taking orders for my girl if you’re interested!
[Letter font and design customized]
bachelorette party in nola, girls trip in nola, st. patrick's day weekend in nola

Canal St. New Orleans

Check out the matching bridal party tattoos!


Sheraton New Orleans

Sheraton New Orleans Hotel

Sheraton New Orleans
 Some of our friends who have traveled a number of times to NOLA  highly recommended  the Central Business District area, downtown in New Orleans.
We chose the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel. This 49 – story, smoke free hotel is conveniently located on Canal st. 
With a modern atmosphere and pleasant city view, our hotel was walking distance from restaurants and shops of the French Quarter.
 NOLA has a respectable reputation of  having the BEST FOOD,  so of  course  90%  of our “to-do” list involves eating!
We traveled with a group of 11 girls.
One important thing to note is to always MAKE RESERVATIONS!
Restaurants in New Orleans are always crowded.
Here’s  a list of our top restaurant choices in New Orleans, based on our experience.
Hope this list can be helpful to  you on your next trip to New Orleans.
You might as well call this your NOLA FOOD GUIDE!!
Are you ready to EAT ladies????   Y- E – S!!  EVERY HOUR!!



where to eat in nola, coterie restaurant & oyster bar nola, best restaurants in nola
 For brunch, we repeatedly caught ourselves pigging out at
 The owner was super sweet and accommodating; staff was great, food was seasoned to perfection and atmosphere was “come as you are” – casual.
It was a 6 minute walk from our hotel.


The Ruby Slipper Cafe was directly across the street from our hotel. Serving traditional breakfast/brunch dishes – you can’t go wrong. They’re pretty busy though.
It  literally took  us 10 steps to get there. There’s a variety of brunch choices on the menu and staff were nice. The bride-to-be’s top choice:)


where to eat in nola, Borgne restaurant & oyster bar nola, best restaurants in nola
Borgne has an upscale atmosphere.  The restaurant is  hidden  inside of the Hyatt Hotel. You can dress up, look cute  and not look out of place here. The food – amazing! I’ve tried gumbo at every restaurant I could  to get the “full affect” of   what the locals eat and the Duck Gumbo here was the winner!

Borgne, New Orleans


where to eat in nola, felix's restaurant & oyster bar nola, best restaurants in nola
 So many Oyster bars to choose from! Which one?!
Well… we’ve heard all about the Char-broiled oysters and couldn’t wait to experience it for ourselves! Are you into oysters?
I will eat oysters in any way, shape, or form. Cooked, raw,  fried, broiled, baked.
Love Oysters Rockefeller, but never tried char-broiled/char-grilled.
Between Drago’s and Felix’s… we’d all have to agree on Felix’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar for the best raw, char, and Rockefeller oysters.
Felix NOLA, Felix Oyster bar, Chargrilled oysters

Felix Oyster Bar


GW Finns nola
GW Fins has a semi-fancy atmosphere, but you don’t have to wear heels:)  Seems like most restaurants are pretty casual.
Which is a good thing – who would want to walk around all day and have to get all dressed up just to eat?!!
OMG — their bread is TO DIE FOR! I’d have to say it was better than the beignets! Seriously. I need for them to share the recipe with me and stop playing:)
Everything we ordered was delicious as expected. Service was great too. No complaints. Here’s my night cap:
GW Fins New Orleans

GW Fins

 GW Fin New Orleans, GW Fin , NOLA Restaurants
[Not everyone was photographed]


 Beneigts anyone? You HAVE to try beneigts in at Cafe Du’ Monde! – says everyone who has been in New Orleans! Want MY honest opinion though??
It wasn’t as good as all the hype:(
  Maybe because it was a super busy weekend  in the city.  And coffee was delicious, but if you’re Asian then your mother has the same Cafe Du’ Monde French coffee in her kitchen cabinet that she buys faithfully from the Asian Super Market! Lol.
Cafe Du Monde nola


Who doesn’t love a French bakery?!  What girl do you know can walk past a French bakery without having a “sweet tooth”? I may be strong, but cute deserts are my weakness!
Sucre came just in time!
Chocolates.  Eclair.  French Macarons.  Cakes. Gelato.  Tarts.
Definitely put this on your list of things to do! My personal favorite are the Matcha Gelato and Basil Gelato!

Sucre French Bakery


NOLA, French Quarter New Orleans, what to wear in new orleans

Okay – so what should you pack and what should you wear in NOLA…
First things first:
• Check the weather – This year, NOLA’s weather forecast calls  for humid conditions and  scattered showers.
[ Of course! ]
•  During the day: This yucky weather means hoodies, tees and sneakers:)  Athleisure will almost always adapt to any temperature. DO bring plenty of those!  I wouldn’t suggest wearing shoes you don’t want to dirty up. I brought black sneakers and a pair of comfortable black booties in case I decide to look cute:) Keep in mind, you will be walking most of the time.
• For the evening:  You can’t  go wrong with a black dress and a pair of comfy heels. [whatever that means, lol. ]

Sheraton New Orleans

• Prepare to stand around in bars :  or if you’re lucky enough – you may find a sitting area for your party, Plan to “bar-hop”. There are plenty of bars!
• You can honestly wear flip flops the whole time and no one will even care!
• Make a list of “Things to Do” to save time. This will also better guide you on what you should bring to wear.


As you can see, we spent most of our time walking around and checking in on Yelp for food! We walked up and down Bourbon st., experienced the St. Patty’s Parade on  Magazine st.,  explored the French Quarter, stopped by a few jazz bars, took lots and lots of pictures, and laughed a WHOLE LOT!!
New Orleans is exactly what we all expected it to be. Another popular parade NOLA  is known to host is the annual Mardi Gras.
The French influenced architecture captures a quintessence of renaissance humanism. Even if NOLA isn’t your style – you will appreciate the blend of cultures and historical views. Whatever you’re interested in, make sure you have a plan prior to your travel. There’s something fun  for everyone.
You can save money on Mardi Gras tours in New Orleans by booking on Viator.
Our bride-to-be chose New Orleans because she loves to dance, listen to jazz music and eat good food!
Thanks for joining
 | Malicia’s Marathon | The Bride’s Lucky Charm | From Nola to Napa | HIS and HERnandez |




BOURBON ST., nola, new orleans, what to do in nola, where to go in nola



Carousel Bar


 Stay tuned to hear all about HIS and HERnandez

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