Anniversary Adventures from NY-NJ


New York is always  a good idea – but so is New Jersey!


A melting pot of culture and delicious food.  Speaking of food, let’s talk about how BOMB  New York style pizza is! I refuse to waste my calories on pizza if the crust isn’t thin and crispy. Gotham was BY FAR the best we’ve had in NYC. There are many wondrous places to visit in NY. There’s  art, history, astonishing views, endless shopping sprees… bakeries… so  you  can never say you’re bored or run out of things to do!  Shoot, all I want to do is eat.?


Hanging out in Times Square is a must! There’s always so much action. You can even create your own entertainment.

Look how cute my husband is… kneeling down to take the perfect photo of his wife.❤


Jeremy’s first time experiencing New York!

I’ve been more than a hand full of times, but I was excited to share the experience with him. With him, every experience feels special, like it’s the first time:)


Happy Anniversary to the couple that has truly found their match!


Just us two touring in the big city.


Laduree Macarons.


My happy face after I ate all of my Macarons. “Happy wife, happy life”!!


Shopping in Soho. We shopped until we LITERALLY dropped! I’m not even lying. We passed out at 8pm.


World Trade Center.


The Financial District.

Second nature to my husband.


Central Park and her classic beauty.


Subway Surfer. I have never felt so sure in the city until I experienced it with my husband. I was highly impressed how well he navigated the city like he’s lived there all his life.  Guess I’m not surprised,  he gets everything right on the first try. Lucky girl I am. ?


Top of the Empire State Building.


I love this photo so much! Not because it is cliche, but because my husband’s life is revolved around numbers. He is an AIF Designated Financial Advisor, currently on the way to get his CFP.  He never ceases to amaze me! I just had a “proud wife” moment just now. ?


We spent the first half of our trip in the big city at The W Manhattan.  New York will always live up to its name. Busy, crowded streets, horns honking at 5am in the morning, cab drivers driving like maniacs, and very smelly and  noisy. The locals have their earphones on so the tourists won’t bother them. Lol. And random people just cross the streets without looking both ways, ignoring the loud horns. Gotta love NY!


New Jersey is  more relaxing – our room was beautiful with a breathtaking room view.

The W Hoboken was completely different from The W Manhattan.

Sunset from our room at The W Hoboken.


Morning view.


Everyday view.?

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