Bet you’ve heard so much about  “The Rock” — and I’m not talking about Dwayne Johnson, lol.  I’m talking about The United States Penitentiary.

This infamous and notorious federal prison tour was amazing!
From the ferry ride – to
the ocean waves splashing in the air – to the alluring island of Alcatraz.
Can I tell you a secret?
After hearing rumors about this prison being “haunted”, I absolutely DID NOT want to have anything to do with it.
Not interested. Nope. No desire.
Not a fan of  anything “scary”.
I do enjoy learning though – as I get older I have grown to appreciate history. This tour was my husband’s idea and since “I’m a team player, [ 😫 ] I have to support his interest”.
See, what you guys don’t know about my husband is…  He has an obsession with creepy and scary things. Meanwhile, I’m the complete opposite! Oh – let’s not EVER forget – he gets a “kick” out of scaring  and pranking me!
Since the Alcatraz tour  was  HIS  idea – it would make perfect  sense for him to trick me into a place where he can scare the shit out of me!
 When booking this tour, we used  Alcatraz Cruises. Make sure to eat first, grab a jacket, and get there on time. This tour is always super crowded!
Let me just say that it was one of THE  best tours we’ve ever done!
EVERY tour we take in the future MUST  be in audio! I mean, it’s a big deal to me because I’m Attention Deficit  – it’s GOT to be extremely interesting to keep my focus!
I was able to really use my imagination – walked around and actually pictured myself  there – in that moment – watching those prisoners interact and plot their escape.
It was the coolest thing!
 With the audio tour, I was able to tune everything out and it kept my interest.
Alcatraz views, Alcatraz beach, Alcatraz Island, Alcatraz tour, Alcatraz history
As I stand on the island and look over to the bay… my emotions took me for a ride.
Damn, mental illness is REAL.
How fortunate are we to come into a world of  advanced technology?
If you can only see how heavenly life appears on the other side for those prisoners…. you will understand why suicide was worth the risk for them.

The preservation of the “now” museum wasn’t scary looking at all. In fact, it is truly fine ART.
There’s a distressed look to this masterpiece – which adds character to its composition.
[ photographers will appreciate the details for sure ]
  Alcatraz Penitentiary , Alcatraz Island, Alcatraz Tour, Alcatraz views
We were amazed by the ancient craftsmanship of this well-preserved prison. Makes you think about how skilled us humans are – yet we often underestimate ourselves.
Well, I’d love to tell you so much more, but I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you — you just need to experience it for yourself.  Everyone who visits San Francisco should.
Let’s just say – This should be on the top of your MUST DO in SF list!
*SPONSORED by Alcatraz Cruises 
*All opinions are my own.


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