Ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh….
Whatever happened to predictability.  The milkman, the paperboy, evening tv? ??
….. [ahhh ahhh]  “Everywhere you look, everywhere you go… “

What do you envision when you think about San Francisco?
Might it be The Golden Gate Bridge?
Fisherman’s Wharf?
The Painted Ladies?
Lombard St?
ALL of the above?
My answer is Full House! [ what a dork ]
I know, I know. Corny, but it’s my ALL TIME favorite family television show.
I used to look forward to TGIF Friday nights at 8. I’d sing along with the theme song – imagining what it feels like to live in California! I’ve traveled to California a number of times with my parents, and each time feels even more exciting.
American Airlines, SF Airport
There is so much to do in San Francisco that a week will never be enough!
After booking our flight, my husband and I made a “To Do” list.
Basically a “must see” and “must eat”  list:)
Well duh, San Francisco  is known for having the best restaurants in the U.S.!!
In case you didn’t know – I am a true foodie.
I plan my vacations around food.
Once we completed our “to do” list, it was easier for us to decide which area was convenient for our stay.
If you’d like to hear more about our hotel experience and where to find an affordable luxury hotel in SF,
To make the most out of your vacation anywhere – Prioritize your list! Be efficient. The more memories you make the more unforgettable your experience will be.
Pack some comfortable walking shoes. You’ll be able to maximize your time;)
We were able to check everything off of our list except for catching a ride on a cable car.


golden gate bridge, san francisco, sightseeing in san francisco
Because   NO  ONE  EVER  leaves San Francisco without visiting the most famous landmark …
Which isn’t really golden — it is more like a rusty red or burnt Siena. From The Presidio Park – to the photogenic sites of one of the most internationally recognized symbols of the United States.


Chinatown San Francisco

Chinatown, SF

chinatown san francisco

Dragon Mom

You thought we were going to come all the way to SF and not be in Chinatown?! This is the biggest Chinatown in the states. We wouldn’t miss this for the world! Wish we would’ve had more time to sit down and Dim Sum!


“His wife”  encourages a photoshoot in front of every Charles Schwab that exists, lol. Why not represent the company you belong to?
My husband is the cutest! In every city we visit, The Financial District is always on the top of his list of things to do.


Union Square : where all the exciting shopping is! From Saks, Neiman Marcus, Blooming Dale’s, Macy’s, Zara, Uniqlo, H&M, or Forever 21! You want it – you’ve got it!
Literally walking distance from any store you want to go to!

Hanging out with our favorite CA Family – The Vanhooks


Best Boba, Boba Guys
 I’ve been obsessed with Cali’s Boba teas since middle school! San Diego’s Tea Station is my absolute favorite for the frozen Taro, but Boba Guys is my favorite for milk teas in SF.
[ tried a few spots and loved this one ]
Love their signature Strawberry Matcha!
Boba Guys
Jeremy loves Boba Tea too! His favorite is the frozen Taro.
Boba Guys san Francisco


 Who loves sushi? Who loves burritos? How about an all-in-one ?! Sounds perfect to us! It was yummy and Instagram worthy:)


Mr. Holmes Bakehouse San Francisco
Did you get “baked in San Francisco” ?
We did.
Not sure how much butter they put in these crispy croissants, but they got us hooked!
Dipped in Matcha – my delicious buttery croissant! This place was about a 17 minute walk from our hotel.
Not too bad since we wanted to explore the city.

Mr. Holmes, SF


Vive La Tarte

I’ve been eye-balling the croissant tacos  a.k.a. “Tacros” ever since I laid eyes on them! But the location we walked to ran out! I ended up getting the Eggs Benedict Prosciutto. It was amazing!


      Okay…..  Hands down the BEST  Vietnamese Restaurant experience ever!

Cocktails are yummy.

Crispy Imperial rolls

1)  Atmosphere on point – Very upscale and classy.
2)  Amazing views.
3) Food was phenomenal. Not your typical “traditional” Vietnamese menu. It’s Viet with an English twist. Flavor combination got my mouth watering now.
4) Make reservations!
5) Concept is genius.

Caramelized Porkbelly a.k.a. thit kho

The slanted Door San francisco

Stir fried organic chicken, grass-fed cubed filet mignon/mixed farmers greens, ginger soy bok choy


We HAD to see what the hype was all about.
It’s a neat place. It’s romantic and also fun with friends. Unique menu.
Reservations required.
It’s worth the experience.
To read more about our experience, visit our Yelp.

Beef sirloin carpaccio, julienne heirloom squash, house cured anchovies, capers, Grana Pandana cheese

5 spice duck breast, Champagne cherries, cauliflower purée, turnips, mixed endive, duck cracklings, Pate toast


Fog Harbor Fish House Clam Chowder

Award winning Clam Chowder

Fog Harbor Fish House San Francisco

A great place for lunch and seafood fix:) Located in the center of Fisherman’s Wharf. Relaxing lunch views and excellent service. The best Clam Chowder ever!


Very good pizza. It’s a tight restaurant and super crowded but it was worth the experience. Honestly, the least expensive meal in SF. Our bill was about 65.00.
Before you plan your trip to San Fran, make sure you budget about 200-250.00 for dinner with your spouse. I’m not a “drinker”, so I consider myself a cheap date. Food is delicious but can be very expensive. Is it worth the experience? Yes.


Why? But why? -He asks. “He” … is my husband.
Well… because.
Because the Painted Ladies are absolutely gorgeous.
And the lawn at Alamo park is so relaxing you can sit and have a lovely picnic like the Tanners did
[ lol ] or stand up to see the entire city of SF.
What part of this is still confusing to you?
“It’s a childhood dream of mine.” -says almost every 80’s baby ever!
If you don’t get it by now, I am afraid you never will. [ BYE ] lol


Fisherman's Wharf,

Some of the best seafood restaurants and nautical views are in Fisherman’s Wharf.

Located on the northern waterfront – it is considered one of the city’s busiest tourist attraction.

The Ferry Building and Ghirardelli Square are located in the Wharf.

My husband and I are charmed by romantic walks on the beach and candlelight dinners overlooking the marina.

There are so many dining options with breathtaking views.

Fisherman's wharf





GHIRARDELLI  SQUARE, ghiradelli san francisco, GHIRARDELLI  marketplace


Ghirardelli Square … because of its history, we HAD to see it for ourselves. A plaza of small shops that consists a variety of chocolate, hot chocolate, coffee and ice cream with lovely views. There’s also a pub and wine shop there. It’s not as big as we pictured, but if you’re already in Fisherman’s Wharf … why not? Got my favorite “chocolate” already! ?


Alcatraz Island, Alcatraz Tour, sightseeing in san francisco

 ….. because this experience deserves a whole page to itself… click here


sightseeing in san francisco,Lombard St views , Lombard street, San Francisco, downtown SF

Some of the city’s most breathtaking views are the views from the top of Lombard st.


“The crookedest street in the world.”
Walk down this street if you want cars to hit you. Cars are constantly coming and zig-zagging down the hill, and drivers are constantly honking  their horns at the tourists, lol. [ a.k.a. — US! ? ]
Lombard Street, SF
Turn this into a romantic walk or just stand around and take pictures to piss people off.
There are SO many people standing on Lombard St. snapping selfies and having a family photo session! Some even have their tripods out!
It doesn’t matter how crowded Lombard gets — long as we know  The Chambers  left their foot prints here:)
sightseeing in san francisco, lombard street


Full house house, fuller house house, Full House,
OH — HAAAAAAY !!!!!!!!!!
THIS  moment was honestly the highlight of our trip!
Look, Jeremy thinks I am super lame for dragging him to some “random” person’s house AAAND taking pictures in front of it!
HA – well jokes on him!
Because this is not just some “random” person’s house.
This happens to be  THE   FULL  HOUSE  house! … now owned by Jeff Franklin — the producer of  Full House and Fuller House. ?
FYI – if you want to visit this house, do it.
After all of these years, this house receives an average of 200-250 visitors a day, still!!
I’m just happy that one of my biggest childhood dreams have been fulfilled.
 Jeremy thinks I am a dork; [ so what?!  ] he rolls his eyes – but loves me enough to come along to take pictures of me – and stand beside me while I jump up and down like I won the lottery!  ?
[ he’d much rather I win the lottery though ]
Thank you joining us friends – on another Mr. and Mrs. Chambers’  “Big City Adventure” – because no matter how many times we’ve traveled alone, it’s better when we’re together!
We both enjoyed the incredible views and amazing food.
Now would we live in SF though???
Eh… no. Are you kidding me?
We’d be broke-as-a-joke!
Plus – It is way too cold for us!
Mark Twain once said, “the coldest winter I’ve ever spent was summer in San Francisco.”
He wasn’t lying.
sightseeing in san francisco, golden gate bridge, sf, views in sf, where to go in sf
Hope you had fun Sightseeing  in San Francisco with us! We hope our personal experience can help you map out your next trip. If you enjoy sightseeing and want the best value, we highly recommend the San Francisco City Pass.
Thank you for reading and feel free to drop a message if you have any questions.
Until next time friends!
 P.S. Napa Nuptials will be posted soon!

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