Just when did  The Chambers’ Review become an actual thing?
Marriott rewards loyal members with partnerships and  Big City views!

Looks like the collection of  Marriott  points are starting to ‘pay off.’

Learn how to get bonus time with your family, when you stay at AC Hotel Charlotte.

The Chambers’ Review 

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“Haaay Guys!” [in my millennial blogger voice]

 The Chambers here –  your favorite family:)

First of all, we want to say thank you for following our stories.

Hope our Modern-Luxury lifestyle has been inspiring you – to go out and ‘live your best life!’ 🙂

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A few of years ago, we came across  AC Hotel, as we searched high and low for an affordable, luxury hotel in Raleigh, NC.

“Pleased with our stay” is an understatement. AC Hotel Raleigh left us with confidence in their brand.

You can hear more about our experience, HERE.

So remember the ‘cool’ Hotel with the rooftop view, you guys were inquiring ?
[ like a million times on “The Gram” ? Lol.]

That was AC Hotel by Marriott – located uptown in Charlotte, NC!

As you know, we love to travel as a family. But if time won’t permit, [ due to our busy lives ] we’ve got to get creative.

 It’s not easy to come up with ‘cool’ ideas for these little guys. But we got lucky and pulled this one off… thanks to

AC Hotel Charlotte City Center. 


AC Hotel Charlotte City Center

AC Hotel Charlotte City Center, AC Hotel Charlotte, Marriott Hotels Charlotte,

Oh, Dear Life,

you never should have introduced us to New York, Miami, Vegas, or San Francisco !

Ever since we’ve been exposed  – it takes so much more to impress us!
~says every  Charlottean;)

 As Charlotteans ourselves, we’ve got to admit, we are guilty for complaining about our pretty, little city.

Although we’re a suburban family, we spend most of our weekends – hanging around Uptown Charlotte.

 Charlotte has grown a lot over the years; there’s more entertainment, more food, and better scenes with great views!

So much to do, with no time to do it!

Learn how to get bonus time with your family, when you stay at  AC Hotel Charlotte.

Planning a staycation in your own city saves time on distance and decisions!

Think about it — how long is the drive, the airport chronicles, and the time you spend on making a solid decision?!

Finding a hotel that is centrally located near popular tourist attractions, gained us several hours, and bonus time with our family.

If you want to maximize your weekend,  start from the center of the city at 220 E. Trade St., and book your weekend at

AC Hotel by Marriott Charlotte City Center.

AC Hotel is located in the heart of Uptown-Charlotte; a 2-minute walk from the Spectrum Center, where Blumenthal Performing Arts Center is 990 ft away, and plenty of fine dining options like Fleming’s Steakhouse, and Eddie V’s Seafood — are all within a 5 minute walk from your room.

Sounds like some “big city” dreams, right?

Big City Dreams

AC Hotel Charlotte, AC Hotel Marriott, Charlotte views, Nuvolé Rooftop Twenty Two, Nuvolé penthouse suite, modern style mom, Sarah Dam Chambers, Jeremy chambers, Charlotte families, Charlotte mom blogger, the mommy Directory, blasian family


Jeremy, Liyah, Sydney, Jason, and I, are obsessed with the metropolitan lifestyle.

In the perfect world,

 [ without any dependents, lol ]

we imagine ourselves living in a presidential/penthouse suite, with wondrous floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking the city skyline.

In the real world though, we are working nonstop to invest in our babies’

 big city dreams!

It’s pretty awesome sharing similar interests with the little ones.

We know exactly what excites them! You should’ve seen the look on their face when we arrived to AC Hotel.
They were arguing over who gets the room with the best views, lol.

AC Hotel Charlotte, AC Hotel Marriott, AC Hotel, Nuvolé Rooftop Twenty Two views, Charlotte skyline, Charlotte city Center

AC Hotel Charlotte Room Views

AC Hotel Charlotte, AC Hotel Marriott, AC Hotel Queen guest room

AC Hotels by Marriott are owned and operated by a chain of hotels worldwide. If you prefer a business-professional atmosphere, AC Hotels offers efficient space, along with a mix of classic architecture and modern designs.

Whether a King, Queen, or Suite,  you’ve got clutter-free guest rooms, with plenty of sunlight beaming on the crisp white linens. Get more info an room rates , HERE.

AC Hotel Charlotte City Center, AC Hotel Charlotte, AC hotel Marriott, AC Hotel room views, Uptown Charlotte view, Nuvole Rooftop views

Seriously, who would want to sleep-in with views this epic?!
How can anyone want to miss out on amazing views and amenities, all in one place?

AC Hotel Amenities

AC Hotel Charlotte, AC Hotel Marriott, AC Hotel Amenities, AC Hotel gym

“No days off?”

AC Hotel Charlotte, AC Hotel Marriott, AC Hotel Amenities, AC hotel gym, Jeremy Chambers Charlotte NC

It’s nice to be in a pet-friendly, healthy environment.

When it comes to choosing the best hotels, we prefer modern-luxury properties with access and convenience.

AC Hotel guests have access to the fitness room, connect to high speed internet, use a computer during the stay, take advantage of the AC Library space for meetings, and preferred valet parking.

AC Hotel Charlotte City Center

There’s also a snack bar and dining lounge if you need to feed your belly:)

AC Hotel Charlotte, AC Hotel Marriott, AC Hotel Lobby, AC Hotel, Charlotte luxury hotels, Charlotte blogger, Charlotte families, modern style mom

Dining At The AC Lounge

AC Hotel Charlotte, AC Hotel Marriott, Liyah Simone Dam, AC Hotel breakfast bar

Being able to hop out of bed, get dressed, and walk straight down to The AC Lounge for breakfast, makes life 100 times better!
This European-inspired breakfast buffet has an array of fresh fruit and all of your favorite breakfast bites.

Our experience at AC Hotel made our staycation feel as if we were thousands of miles away from home.

AC Hotel Charlotte, AC Hotel Restaurant, AC Hotel bar, AC Hotel Marriott, AC Hotel Food

Service, staff, ambiance, and  dinner was delicious at The AC Lounge.

AC Hotel Dining Lounge, AC Hotel Charlotte

 If you’re looking for a fun, family-friendly atmosphere, then AC Hotel Charlotte is a great place to spend quality time with the fam!
For a romantic getaway, spend the night – because couples can relax or enjoy the rooftop ambiance at Nuvolé Rooftop Twenty-Two.

 Nuvolé Rooftop Twenty Two

AC Hotel Charlotte, AC Hotel Marriott, Nuvole Rooftop Twenty two, Charlotte rooftop bar,

Step off the elevator into Nuvolé Rooftop Twenty Two.

AC Hotel Rooftop Views, AC Hotel Charlotte, Nuvole Rooftop Twenty Two

Capture the beautiful Charlotte views from the crown of Queen City.

AC Hotel Charlotte, AC Hotel Lounge, AC Hotel Marriott

Cheers to making more memories!  Our family staycation at AC Hotel inspired us to explore more of Charlotte.

Next time, it’s going to be a romantic weekend for Jeremy and I;)

We are going to ride our bikes through the city, walk around the Epicenter, go see a broadway show, then back to our room to freshen up…  so we can lounge by the fire pit at Nuvolé, count stars, and enjoy Charlotte’s “big city” views.
Oh, and next time, we will have the Penthouse Suite all to ourselves;)

AC Hotel Charlotte, AC Hotel Marriott, Nuvole Rooftop Twenty Two, Charlotte Rooftop views, Charlotte skyline, Charlotte mom, Charlotte Mom blogger, Charlotte blogger

Nuvolé Rooftop Twenty-Two Penthouse Suite

Nuvole Rooftop Twenty Two Penthouse, AC Hotel Charlotte, AC Hotel Marriott, Uptown Charlotte Penthouse

It’s a pretty ‘suite’ life – 22 stories high!

“Live the life you’ve dreamed”

on the 22nd floor, across the door from Nuvolé .

AC Hotel Charlotte, AC Hotel Marriott, Nuvolé Rooftop Twenty Two, Charlotte blogger, AC Hotel views, Nuvolé Twenty Two Penthouse Suite,

Imagine what it feels like – to stand parallel to the Charlotte skyline.

This incredible, 1,350 sq ft. penthouse suite  sits on the roof with 2 city-facing bedrooms,  2.5 bathrooms, a fireplace, and a glass railed balcony with cityfront views.

AC Hotel Charlotte, AC Hotel Marriott, Nuvolé Twenty Two Rooftop, Nuvolé Twenty two penthouse suite, Charlotte Luxury Hotel

Not gonna lie – it was pretty dreamy from where we were standing;)

Jeremy and I were blown away by the crystal clear reflections of Charlotte’s skyscrapers.

Want to talk about “big city” vibes?

We are not going to stop you from renting your temporary home, okay?!

“Go for it! No matter how it ends, it was an experience!”


AC Hotel by Marriott


* we partnered with AC Hotel, but how we feel, truly comes from the heart. Thank you AC Hotel team for your generosity. AC Hotel has an exceptional staff, even our children noticed it. A personal shout out to these amazing guys : Steve, DiSean, Noah, Mark, Jeff, and Miss Theresa from MSquaredPR.
*all images except 2, was captured by Goliath Views, and all images edited by  Sarah Dam Chambers.

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