What To Expect At Baha Mar

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  Your favorite bloggers are floating around on pink flamingos, boasting about Baha Mar!

Are you wondering if this trendy, Caribbean resort is more than just “Instagram-worthy”?

Here’s what you can expect at Baha Mar…



Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

Are you planning a Caribbean vacation for two – or more than a few?

Looking for an all-inclusive deal in the Bahamas but can’t find any for  Baha Mar ?

Most of us can agree – ‘all-inclusive’ deals are brilliant and convenient.

Who wouldn’t want to have fun, without keeping a tab open for every transaction?

Although Baha Mar doesn’t offer all-inclusive packages, you can still experience a stress-free vacation if you plan ahead:)

There are several things to consider prior to booking your reservations.

The most frequently asked questions are:

Is Baha Mar expensive?”

“Does it cost more than an all-inclusive Resort?”

“Are food and beverage costs overpriced?”

Unfortunately, there’s not an accurate number.

The most important thing to consider are


What To Expect & How To Budget For Your Baha Mar Experience:


Determine Destination

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar, Baha Mar, pools at Baha Mar

If you are craving a Caribbean vacation, and love Las Vegas —  Baha Mar is definitely made for you!

Think about location, lodging, dining, transportation, and what kind of entertainment or excursions you’d like to experience.

Nassau, Bahamas is a 2 hr flight from Charlotte, NC.

Airfare ranges between $500-$800.

Baha Mar is a 15 minute drive from LPI Airport.

Taxi, Uber or Lyft is between $15-25.

Destination is close and convenient. You can have the best of both worlds in less than 2.5 hours travel time!


How To Choose The Best Resort In Baha Mar

If you’re looking for a vacay with ‘Veg5 ways for couples to experience baha mar ,nasssau bahamas, baha mar,paradise island, grand hyatt baha mar

There are 3 luxurious Caribbean resorts sitting on 1,000 acres of paradise. The big question is – which one is the best resort for you and your crew?

Here are your options:


Rosewood Baha Mar


Are you on a honeymoon or celebrating an anniversary?

Rosewood Baha Mar is a beautiful,Bahamian estate known for luxury and romance. Wake up and feel the ocean breeze from your beachfront villa suite. Access a contemporary, private beach and sensational spa during your stay.

 This exceptional experience starts from

$725-1,700.00 per night. ( rates vary )


Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

Looking for a clean, white, modern, sophisticated space that’s functional?

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar is the perfect pick for a couples getaway!

Only the sweetest dreams occur in the heavenly Hyatt, Euro pillow-top bed.  All Grand Hyatt rooms come with floor to ceiling windows, with incredible views of the ocean, island, or fountain show.

Enjoy 6 outdoor pools, a private beach area, and optional butler services starting from

$248-600.00 per night ( rates vary )


SLS Baha Mar

sls baha mar


Planning  a girls trip?

Or do you prefer a young, hip crowd that knows how to party?

This baroque-boutique hotel room makes a swanky, fashionable statement.

SLS Baha Mar is made for the creative crowd, with 5 star standards. There’s a variety of impressive restaurants, 2 pools, and more entertainment than you handle.

This chic experience starts from

$225-1,700.00 (rates vary )

Prioritize Planning

3 Tides Baha Mar, grand Hyatt Baha mar

As a group of “foodies”, we prioritize planning.  Our dinner reservations are made weeks in advance.

Find restaurants that interest you. Check out the menu to get an idea of how the cuisines are priced:)

Baha Mar’s culinary scene is known for its high-end dining experience by renowned, international chefs, that will spice up your taste palette!

Here’s our top 3 favorite restaurants at Baha Mar:

[ clickable links ]

3 Tides









Beaches And Pools

Who doesn’t love beaches and pools?

Escape to Paradise Island, step foot on a beachfront balcony, and enjoy the lucite waters of Cable Beach, Nassau.

No matter what hotel you choose, you will have access to any of the 10 pools on Baha Mar’s property.

There’s literally a pool for every mood:)

Sls bungalow pool, sls Baha Mar

“The Adult Playground” – known as Terrace by Bungalow, is bordered by lush Bahamian palm trees, that accents the divine design of the SLS pool.

sls baha mar, privilege pool sls baha mar

If you’re looking for fun, Privilege is where the party is!

You will find familiar faces and celebrity-guest DJ’s on rotation at this pool!

WARNING: It is super ‘lit’ and the food is fire!

Surround yourself with serenity – and ease your way into a calming cabana, at Grand Hyatt’s Reflections pool.

Baha Mar Blue Hole Pool, Hrabd Hyatt Baha Mar

“If everyone else jumped off a cliff, would you do it?”

No, but if my husband jumps off a cliff – into the Grand Hyatt Blue Hole Pool, I may just catch him through my camera lens:)


Save Money On Alcohol

Daqs Baha Mar resort

So your next question is:

“What are the cost of drinks at Baha Mar?”

Your average drink can cost between $15-$22.

There’s also alcohol in the gift shop inside the resort:)

Sls Baha Mar, Privilege sls Baha mar

Our drink charges were not bad at all.

Guess it depends on how much of a ‘buzz’ you prefer. Lucky for our husbands; Jennifer, Thyna, and I are light-weight, daiquiri drinkers.


Vacation Vibes

Baha Mar

What are YOUR desired vacation vibes?

My husband and I work nonstop. Between career and kids, it’s easy to run out of time for one another.

Marriage requires effort.

Baha Mar, Cable Beach Nassau, Grand Hyatt Baha mar

Travel is the one hobby Jeremy and I have in common.

We really enjoy exploring new destinations together.

Now that we get to share these experiences with close friends, our couples getaways are even more fun!

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

On most Caribbean getaways, we’re either exploring off-site or booking an exciting excursion. But this time, we didn’t bother to leave the resort.

Which is a good thing, because we were actually considering an $8,000 boat ride to Exuma!

One thing for sure — Baha Mar never failed to keep us busy!

Privilege Pool sls Baha mar
You’d either find us at Privilege soaking up the sun, ‘shot up’ by wine guns,  getting dressed for an exquisite culinary experience, or cashing out at the casino.

Tip For Travelers: If you plan to gamble,

‘know your limit’.

( those free drinks add up.? )

What should you expect at Baha Mar?

If you are looking for ‘Vegas vibes’ in paradise…

then you’ve hit the jackpot!

Planning ahead is how you budget for your Baha Mar experience.

Couples getaway to Baha Mar, couples Caribbean getaway, Baha Mar, Grand Hyatt Baha Mar


Sky Bar SLS Baha Mar

Oh yeah, don’t forget to check out  Sky Bar  – a super sexy rooftop lounge with a dazzling  ‘Agrabah’ view!

The experience feels like a  ‘whole new world’.



Thank You SLS & Parasol team for making our Caribbean-Couples-Getaway extra amazing!

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