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A new classic French restaurant in uptown Charlotte?!

 “We can surely use a dash of French seasoning in the mix”, I say to my family.

On July 31 st.,  2018; Charlotte gave birth to

 La Belle Helene.

La Belle Hélène French Brasserie was named after the late 19th century’s famous opéra bouffe by Jacques Offenbach, set in Ancient Greece.

 During this time, the opera boufee was iconic to the French spirit.

Today, in century 21 – constellation connects the reincarnated spirit into the soul of the Queen City.

Charlotte delivers the news of her new restaurant addition – and  a  Charlottean’  like me gets super excited!

 “We can surely use a dash of French seasoning in the mix”, I say to my family:)

Sure I’m speaking for most ‘Charlotteans’ when I say, “it is about time we have more restaurant options to explore!”

Liyah and Sydney  requests a trip to Paris this year to celebrate Mommy & Daddy’s wedding anniversary.

“Omg – Paris would be perfect!” – they say.

How sweet of them, but it will be quite difficult to plan a last minute trip to Paris! Lol.

Especially in November – as the holidays are quickly approaching. I am afraid to even research the cost of that – for a family of five! Plus – we’ve got a big surprise planned for the kiddos for Christmas anyway.?

But who says it has to be out of town to be special?!

Special means: different from the usual.

Being parents with constant busy schedules, we are celebrating our 6th. anniversary a little different this year.

Let’s not forget it’s all about the ‘little things’ in life that makes a big difference:)

Jeremy and I shared our anniversary weekend with people we love – right here in Charlotte, NC.

 Spent a beautiful night catching up over dinner with our dear friends, Mr. & Mrs. Lynch – who also shares the same anniversary weekend; and an evening with our 3 children, Liyah, Sydney, and Jason Chambers.

You can guess where we went, right? ?


LaBelle Helene Charlotte, LaBelle Helene French Restaurant

Here we are…

just hopped out to valet –  ready to spin through the revolving doors and experience some of  La Belle Helene’s healthy, hearty, classic French ingredients.

As we enter the stunning restaurant, all of our eyes are lit – slowly strolling into French Brasserie  – under the “City of Lights”.

The girls and I were awestruck by the illuminating Parisian features.

We were stunned by the reflection of the dramatic – chic light fixtures – glistening  on the timeless black and white ceramic tiles.

La Belle Helene French Restaurant Charlotte, French Technique, classic French

After being greeted with a warm welcome, the hostess happily  accompanied us to our dinner table.

Surprisingly, on a Saturday night, our dinner reservations were prompt and accurate.

When receiving our confirmation a day prior,  a La Belle  team member offered our family an exclusive private dining area as an Anniversary add on.

It was perfect and we couldn’t be happier!

La Belle Helene French Restaurant Charlotte

With over 4,000 sq ft. of dining space; the private dining room, located directly in the center of La Belle Helene – overlooks  the entire beautiful restaurant .

La Belle Helene Restaurant

We enjoyed the fabulous ‘French Brassiere’ ambiance – while the kids amused themselves looking through the peekaboo windows – to scope out the pastry kitchen for desert ideas.

[yummy French desserts?]

Of course we could have opted to close the doors and make this an intimate experience – but in a beautiful restaurant like this one – we wouldn’t want to be closed off from all the ‘BELLE’ details.

And who are we kidding??

What does “privacy” even mean anyway after having 3 babies?? ?


marvelous-marble-top dining!

This spacious table seats a party of 8-10 guests. Casual and cozy – makes communicating  a lot easier during dinner time.

We are looking forward to experiencing the  mouthwatering brunch menu too!

Towards the right of the restaurant, there’s another private dining area that caters from 10-20 guests. Perfect for party planning!

[Hmmm… my birthday is right around the corner.?]

La Belle Helene Restaurant


Since it was our first time at a new restaurant, our server Deanna gave us a tour around the menu and suggested La Belle Helene’s most highlighted dishes. We love it when we can leave the ‘decision making’ to someone else. 

La Belle Helene Restaurant

We told her, “please bring out everything that makes your restaurant famous, and bring plenty for us to share!” 

  Bread & 1888 Punch

LaBelle Helene Charlotte, LaBelle Helene French Restaurant

Charcuterie & Fromages board, Tart flambée, Tuna Tartare,  Daily Oysters.

 “Anniversary aphrodisiac” anyone?

Uh…maybe not since we forget we are not alone! Lol

Is anyone else indecisive when it comes to selecting oysters? It’s oyster season so it’s a tough decision!

Without a doubt, Kumamoto oysters are my favorite.

So half a dozen of Kumamoto and half Maryland please! ?


LaBelle Helene Charlotte, LaBelle Helene French Restaurant

Tuna Tartare

Jeremy can tell you –  if Tuna Tartare is on the menu, this is exactly what I am going to begin with.

La Belle Helene’s fresh sashimi grade Tuna Tartare sits delicately on a pond of lemon citrus… mmmmmmm…..  my kind of starter:)

I am not a fan of alcohol. Never been.

You will never catch me alone with a bottle of wine or drinking for the “fun of it”.

But… I will make an acception for a celebration!

We couldn’t help but notice the romantic atmosphere of  La Belle Helene’s classic French style bar. Another reason to return without the kiddos:)

La Belle Helene French Restaurant Charlotte

Rotisserri Chicken, Macaroni gratin, Baked Scottish Salmon, Hanger Steak, Seared Scallops, Grilled Pork chop,
Brussels Sprouts with lardons
Pommes frites

Doesn’t our dinner spread look delicious?

 Deanna told us all about the Rotisserie Chicken and the French Rotisserie station:)

Shout out to the Executive Chef Michael Rouleau for his passion in culinary. Your French technique rocks!

Poulet Rouge

La Belle Helene’s famous Poulet Rouge, Rotisserie Chicken, cooked on a French-made rotisserie.

A  whole chicken laying on a bed of Yukon gold potatoes with Rosemary & Garlic.


Hanger Steak

“I love steak. I can eat steak for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Medium rare please.” ~Sydney


Baked Scottish Salmon

“You really  can’t go wrong with Scottish Salmon and mixed vegetables”. ~Jason

[looking at Mommy like, ‘um, can I eat already?’]

Mrs. Chambers dining at La Belle Helene Restaurant

Seared Scallops

I can eat seafood every single day – in every single way!

These sauteed Scallops are seared to perfection – looking scrumptious sitting on a plate full of leafy green spinach with lemon and capers.

Grilled Pork Chop

Let’s talk about this amazing grilled pork chop – that’s packed with flavor, smothered in Grain mustard sauce and a side of creamy, buttery [did I meantion BUTTERY?] mashed potatoes.

It was créme de la créme darling!


Poire Belle Helene

La Belle Helene’s signature – delectable desert; here you have poached  pears with dark chocolate sauce drizzled on top and a side of vanilla ice cream, topped with whip cream and almonds.

Crèmé brûlée from La Belle Helene Restaurant

Crème Brûlée

This is a classic dessert that you can never  go wrong with on a menu, especially a French menu:)

I am obsessed with the caramelized sugar top of this custard. The crisp top is delicate and devourable;)


These little French cream puffs with a sweet vanilla glaze filling were deliciously drenched in dark chocolate syrup. As simple as it sounds, it was simply devine.



Good things must come to an end…  and you know it’s about to end after this trip to the ladies room… once we capture the perfect bathroom selfie:) Ummmm…. how cute is the restroom commons area though?!

Although we didn’t get to visit Paris, our experience at La Belle Helene  was close enough to a beautiful night at a brasserie in France.

We can feel the Parisian vibes!

Okay… maybe it’s only a figment of our imagination – but at least we did save at least $15,000.00! Lol.

La Belle Helene Restaurant

We enjoyed the moment, and  we enjoyed each other, that is all that matters.

There are so many ways to make memories. It doesn’t have to be super extravagant to be memorable.

Sometimes … life gets in the way -things don’t go our way … and


Years ago I would have stressed out about it. You know me – trying to make everything perfect – like how it plays in my perfect mind. My perfectly… imperfect mind:)

But as of today – I am happy – We are happy – The kids are happy – Life is happy.

And our tummies are extremely happy too!

I really do feel like a Queen! So thankful for all this love and ongoing affection from my dream team!

La Belle Helene Charlotte

For every anniversary, we pause to reflect on every event leading us to our current year of marriage.

We are truly blessed to be each other’s halves.

Love is built by spending time not spending money.

Learning to love wholeheartedly and undoubtedly has proven our growth as a team.

He is forever my king and I love him infinitely for making me his queen.

Together – we thank  YOU for taking part in our lives, and for contributing to our love story.

*Special THANK YOU to the 
Constellation Culinary Team and 
the beautiful staff at
 La Belle Helene Restaurant 
300 S. Tryon St.
 Charlotte, NC 28202
 for taking care of us 
and for making 
our night with family, 
a night to remember.

La Belle Helene Restaurant, 
all opinions are truly our own.

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