Chambers’ Christmas



of a

White Christmas….

just like the one I

 u s e d  to know… ?”


“It is not the presents that are wrapped up in boxes that makes us happy.

It is the gift of family all wrapped up in each other’s presence.”

 ~Mrs. Chambers


Mr. & Mrs. Clause.

Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe Stylist: Sarah Dam-Chambers

Photography: Liyah Simone Dam (OUR 13yr old)

Camera Type: iPhone 7+

We went with a “Christmas Glam” this year.




White Christmas table setting

I LOVE Home Goods and Target Stores! Everything came from Home Goods except for the two small Christmas trees and sliverware.




White Christmas Fireplace mantel decor



Holiday Babies

My sweet babies. This photo expresses their personalities perfectly. It’s a Love & Hate relationship with them.

From left to right…

Liyah’s dress: H&M

Jason’s Tux: H&M

Sydney’s Dress: H&M


Hand-picked beautiful Christmas ornaments

I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to Christmas ornaments. I am obsessed!

I have a different theme for my Christmas trees every year. (notice I said TREES)

My sweet husband used to help me put up a tree in each room in the house. (poor thing)

They all had different themes and lit  our home up  beautifully.


Grey, White and Blush wrapping paper

I absolutely LOVE wrapping gifts! It’s a craft and and very therapeutic. I am very anal about gifts under my tree. (yes, I am Christmas-Crazy) Everything has to be perfect and match perfectly. It makes it easier on the eyes. lol.


DIY  Flocked Christmas Tree

I flocked the tree with a flocking spray I bought from Hobby Lobby. Used a whole bottle. The paint will start to flake off so I will need a new bottle next year. It’s totally worth it for 4.99!


Happy Holidays to you and your family from our’s.

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