Instagram Marketing


Instagram Palette Design.

… EXACTLY what it sounds like. 


This is when you get super excited because you no longer have to wreck your brain – to try and come up with the perfect content for your Instagram fans. 


You know that “cohesive Instagram” page you’ve been dreaming about? The one that tells your personal story through those itty-bitty squares? 


That one. 


Because the struggle is ‘real’. Your competition has a team of professionals out there who are experienced, social media gurus and marketing monsters that are crushing Instagram and the rest of the social media world!


“Why blend in when you were born to stand out?” 


At Modern Style Media, we can curate your verbal & visual Instagram content for you and get your story started! 


Instagram Marketing is a necessity for business owners & entrepreneurs.


 Building a trusted brand on Instagram is free and helps you reach unique accounts daily. 


Our Instagram Marketing packages starts with a consultation – to figure out what mood you are currently in… to what mood you want your fans | followers | customers to feel when they’re scrolling on your feed. 


No worries – We won’t take all the fun out of social sharing. Posting is personable. We get it. 


How about we help kickstart your “IG game” – then teach you a few tricks to help you reach your target audience? 

Sounds good? 

Let’s Get Started!

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