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The grass is greener on the other side? Or is it greener where you water it?

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we have ALL that we need right in front of  us! But for some ODD reason, human nature created curiosity among us – steering our focus in the opposite direction.

When we get distracted, we show interest in what belongs to someone else. Not that what we have isn’t good enough,  but “you always want what you can’t have”. That’s why it’s easy to neglect what we have at home. We’ve made it “natural” to leave town and “get away”.


Spring break got people like…


“Where are we taking the kids this year?!”


check  flights

book hotels

shopping for clothes

dip into savings

swipe credit cards


Yep, that’s us! We’re one of those parents. It only feels right because our children expect us to take them out of town EVERY  SPRING BREAK!

  They can’t grasp the concept of money. To them, money grow on trees!

And as parents… We LOVE them SO much that we give them everything they as for! [scarcasm?]

We don’t need to feel guilty if we can’t take them on a trip.

I’m not saying parents don’t deserve a break from work, but let’s be honest for a minute  here!

It is

NOT a vacation when we’re on vacation with kids.

It is

NOT a vacation to have to make sure these guys don’t die or get kidnapped.

It is

NOT a vacation if we need a vacation from our vacation!

Am I right or wrong?!

How many more times are we going to visit the same beaches and spend money on the same exact experience in one lifetime?

All because it is SPRING BREAK.

 Flights and hotels are astronomical during this season. Thanks to the “trends of traveling”. Those little  getaways can add up! Why not save our money to invest in a much nicer experience in the future?

[can’t believe I’m saying this?]

I’ve been hanging out with my husband too long! OH NO!

I’m turning into a responsible  “old person”! Lol

Plus, we’d much rather make our family vacations last a whole week long!

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to have fun. If you’re lucky like us, your little ones will appreciate spending quality time with their parents no matter what state they’re in!

Spring Breakin’ in Charlotte

John Belk FRWY

During spring break we decided to explore our pretty city full of greenery instead of watering someone else’s lawn. We’ve been neglecting what we have because we often hear others around us saying, “there’s nothing to do in Charlotte”.  Years ago,  that meant,  “let’s go out of town to have fun”!

Not us. Not this year.


Romare Bearden Park

Have you guys seen Charlotte lately? The Queen is splendid and sophisticated:) She is appropriate for all ages, cultures, and most importantly,

she’s family-friendly.

Uptown Charlotte is always a great idea!

One day is not enough to experience our uptown girl! My best advice would be to pick one area at a time to start exploring.

We decided to begin near The Ivey’s, since our friends live in this stunning building.


The Ivey’s

Street walking in Charlotte

No need to drive around. Our kiddos would much rather get  the full affect of the Uptown vibes:)

They said, “wow, this feels like NY except cleaner and less stinky” !


The EpiCenter

The Epicenter is always “LIT” they say:)

There’s always something for everyone to at the Epicenter. I never got the opportunity to experience the “city life” as a child. We didn’t have all the “cool” stuff kids have now. Birthday parties at McDonnald’s was super exciting!

Other than hanging out uptown , we enjoy other surrounding areas also. We love the suburban areas like Ballantyne and Concord Mills.


Concord Mills

South Park

We EAT CLEAN daily to practice healthy habits and to fuel our bodies with energy. With exceptional “cheat days” during holidays and vacations. I guess this is “sort of” like a vacation, right? As you can see, the Chambers’ kids were clearly indulging:)

So what did  W E  do during spring break?

Ate LOTS and LOTS of yummy food, no itinerary, no stress, enjoyed each other, the kiddos thanked us for a great time, and

SAVED MONEY on traveling expenses by

making Charlotte, NC  our staycation spot!

Hallelujah to  S P R I N G  S A V I N G S !!





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    June 22, 2018 at 2:39 am

    I love living in Charlotte!

    • Reply
      June 27, 2018 at 12:17 am

      Me too! I feel like we often neglect what we have in front of us.

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