How to get rid of a cold quickly and naturally without taking medicine? Turmeric Tea.

If someone in our family wakes up with flem in their throat, runny nose or a cough… they already know what to do to get rid of it.

They know mommy’s natural home remedies will knock that nasty bacteria right out!

Children are constantly around germs. They touch everything and they don’t wash their hands as often as the need to.

So it’s easy for them to come in contact with infected objects and people. I can’t tell you how many times I’d have to remind my kids, “don’t ever stick your finger in your nose, eyes, ears or belly button”.

Why? Because! Bacteria travels! You don’t want those little guys to find its way into your body. (Gross)

I’m sure I’m not the only mom who is a germophobe!

If it’s not my babies, it’s my husband coming home from work with a bad cough.

The best way to win this battle with bacteria is to knock these suckers out when they’re weak. Turmeric Milk/Tea is our “go-to” to destroy these nasty germs.

  Here’s how we cure coughs or a common cold naturally at The Chambers’.

Simple Soothing Turmeric Tea recipe:

1 teaspoon of turmeric (minced or powder)

1 teaspoon of pure raw honey

1 slice of lemon or orange (we like oranges better)

1 cup of warm milk (we use almond milk)

Optional: a dash of cinnamon

Below is the breakdown of why:

Turmeric is a year-round plant that is cultivated throughout tropical Asia, China and India. This plant belongs in the ginger family and can be used as an added spice flavor for food, or medicinal purposes.

Sure most of you have heard or have eaten curry.

(One of my weekly favorite meals for the family.) Turmeric is the main ingredient in Asian, Indian, or Caribbean Curry.

Tumeric is a Spice that Supports Your Body's Astonishing Immune System.


Curcumin is the main ingredient in Turmeric. One of the healthiest herbs you can find that prevents cancer.

Its anti-inflammatory properties that can heal your infection. It has been used as medicine in other countries in over 4,500 years!

My mother used minced turmeric to heal open wounds and scars on my body as a child.


Raw honey is the best choice when it comes to healthy benefits. This means that it is 100% pure. It has not been pasteurized, clarified, or filtered.

The darker the honey, the more powerful its antibacterial and anti functional properties are. Using it by itself – makes an excellent cough syrup. Not only it soothes your throat but also kills bacteria.


Vitamin C is essential for healing and repairing wounds. As tissues in your body are breaking down due to weakness of your immune system, vitamin c helps the body make collagen to strengthen and repair itself. You may find vitamin c in citrus fruit, such as lemons, lime, oranges, grapefruit and more.

So load your body up with vitamin c if you feel a little weak.


Turmeric combined with milk is a traditional Indian and Ayurvedic bedtime beverage to boost health and vitality.

But why almond milk? Well, I know a lot of women,  (including myself) who have become lactose intolerant , started in our mid-thirties.

And for a while, my stomach was unable to tolerate milk comfortably. I’d  run the the toilet 10 mins after eating anything with dairy in it. [TMI, but just saying]

My calcium and vitamin D levels were low, so I had to find a way to build it back up. Thank goodness there’s another source of milk.

Turmeric tea recipe, Turmeric milk recipe, golden milk recipe

With four simple, natural ingredients combined into  a yummy drink, why would you not make it a part of your daily health routine? You can make one every night to help you sleep better.

We have made turmeric and ginger a part of our lifestyle.

I can share home remedies and healthy habits all day long!

I really hope this information is helpful to you.  When you get a moment, please research the health benefits of turmeric. It is incredibly amazing and accessible to all of us without a prescription.

I don’t claim to be a doctor by any means. I just know being a mother comes with a lot of surprises. And we are always wondering has someone else experienced the same. Hope this information is helpful and wish you all happiness and good health always!



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    Ruth Lavell
    July 18, 2017 at 2:06 am

    Love your blog! I too love natural remedies. Thanks for sharing!

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      September 15, 2017 at 5:42 pm

      Thank you so much Ruth! I need to make more time to post! Are you on IG?

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