How to make 25 simple delicious recipes with food you already have on a snowy day…

It’s rare for us to get snow during the winter. We’d barely get half an inch and the whole city shuts down! Every family you know will be in the grocery stores fighting over bread and milk. Oh, yeah, and sometimes cheese too. I’ve been in Charlotte my whole life and never quite understood why. I mean, are milk-sandwiches traditional snow food?! I’m not a big grilled cheese fan either. (Lactose ?)

I’ve noticed that’s what people rush to buy anytime they hear storm warnings. We’re always stocked up on fruit, vegetables, eggs, water bottles, oatmeal, etc. I do not plan to sit up in my home eating bread, cheese and milk during a storm. That does not sound fun at all. I apologize if I’ve offended you. (It’s not my fault you eat milk and bread in the storm?)


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We’ve gotten into the habit of meal prepping on a Saturday. We’d grill about 40lbs of chicken breast, chicken thighs, or salmon. (Whatever we’re in the mood for) Steam a green vegetable, and bake a bunch of potatoes. (Or microwave them)

We’d prep as many in glass Tupperware as possible and freeze the rest. Because chicken should be eaten within 3 days, we make enough for lunch and dinner  for the next 3 days. Then pull the rest out of the freezer. For example, 4 oz of protein, a cup of veggies and half of a carb. We  don’t eat the same exact  thing all day long, but we would if that’s how we prepped the meals.

We’d boil about 40 eggs. Refrigerate what we don’t eat. Eggs will  last a week in the fridge. (But it’s usually gone within days) Very convenient, effortless protein.

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Raw kale, raw eggs, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, carrots, celery, almond/coconut milk, Greek yogurt, cheese, corn, apples, oranges, avocado, lime, lettuce, spinach, corn, ginger, cilantro, green pepper, red onions, green onions and mushrooms. You can easily make a meatless salad with those ingredients.


Blueberries, strawberries, frozen yogurt, shrimp and broccoli because they don’t last as long in the fridge.


Assorted potatoes, jasmine rice, walnuts, granola, oatmeal, grits, bread, spinach wraps, tortilla wraps, peanut butter, bananas, veggie chips, cereal, honey, agave, and water bottles.

That should be plenty of options to create different meals. Meal prepping makes life so much easier. This way you will never not have any food to eat. So with the list I gave you, this is what you can make without giving it much thought. But if that’s not your thing, here’s a list of meal ideas you can create out of the “MUST HAVES” list.

  1. chipotle bowls
  2. mixed green salad (add chicken or salmon)
  3. kale salad  (add chicken, salmon, nuts)
  4. Mexican salad
  5. spinach chicken wraps
  6. Toasted chicken sandwich
  7. Mushroom, tomatoes, peppers, onion, cheese or Spinach Omelette
  8. gritts and scrambled eggs
  9. Fruit and oatmeal
  10. peanut butter and banana sandwich
  11. peanut butter with celery
  12. yogurt parfait
  13. rice, chicken and greens
  14. chicken noodle soup
  15. kale and potato soup
  16. Chicken curry with rice
  17. baked sweet or white potato fries
  18. peanut butter and strawberry sandwich
  19. potato with broccoli and cheese
  20. avocado toast with egg and tomatoes
  21. guacamole
  22. fruit salad
  23. variety of smoothies
  24. lemonade
  25. Salmon/shrimp and grits

*Recipes for all of this will be up soon?

 I hope the list of food I listed can give you creative ideas for you and your family. We stick with the basics because it is healthy and easy. I will also give you some easy recipe ideas when I get an opportunity.

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