It’s not about being skinny.

It’s about being strong.

It’s about being consistent, dedicated and it’s about having values.
I value my health.
I plan to live through many more phases of earth’s history.
My babies once told me they want me to witness them having grandchildren.
My husband needs a strong partner.

Here are MY personal reasons why health is important:

1. If I like what I see in the mirror, I will feel confident and happy. Makes life so much easier.
2. It is essential for the immune system to sustain positively. Health is wealth.
3. My children are proud to have a c o o l mom. I am honored to hold that title. ??
4. Hubby doesn’t have to dream about JLo when we’re in our 40’s and 50’s. ?
5. 20-30 years from today, I want to be remembered as the mother and wife that never gave up on herself or her kids. Family G o a l s.

Black bikini from Target. (click on photo)

Bikini and bottom from Target. (click on photo)



I want my children to be great, so I lead by example.
I am the focal point of the lens.
If it promotes growth,
or requires building strength within the mind, body, and soul…
Mommy is  A L L  IN!
Children learn from what YOU  A R E than what you teach.







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