Modern Fairy Tale


Every girl dreams to someday find their Prince. 


Some are lucky to fall in love after that first kiss, but most of us must kiss a few frogs to find out if that “Prince” really exists.

I fall in that category:)  If it’s not challenging, then it probably isn’t worth it.

I met Jeremy back in 99′ after I graduated high school. He worked at Finish Line inside of Eastland Mall, (Charlotte, NC) where I did my daily shopping:) So we used to see each other often.
Jeremy told me that he has always been attracted to me, before we were formally introduced. We had mutual friends amd somehow our phone numbers were exchanged. We had a few casual phone conversations, but since he was still in high school, I wasn’t interested. So that was short-lived.

A couple of years later we’d occasionally run into one another.  Still no interest.
As women, we always feel like we are the more “mature” ones. But in reality, we just know exactly what we want.

And most of the times, that means a serious relationship with a man we are compatible with.

We want someone handsome, understanding, smart, someone who displays public affection, a man who seriously wants to be in love, sweeps us off our feet, marry us, and we live happily ever after.
All of that to say….

“why even waste my time with someone who is younger than me?”

And like most women, I always neglected the sweet ones.
After he completed his college years in Greensboro, he moved back to Charlotte in 2006. Social media networking  became popular. He messaged me one day to say hello. We connected and started hanging out, as we began to build our friendship.
Shortly after, him and I became the best of friends. We found ourselves spending most of our days together.

Jeremy is the most sincere, thoughtful, sweet, spontaneous, very attentive, great listener, remembers details, buys thoughtful gifts “just because”…

I mean he’s every girls’ dream!! A best friend and man all in one!
But the kind of love that I’ve always longed for only exist in movies. So to think that any of “this” was real…  never even crossed my mind.

A year later, I started noticing how much he knows me…. He remembers EVERYTHING I’ve ever said to him. He knows my every need, want, and desire.
I get butterflies, I blush when I hear his name, and I really look forward to getting off work just to hang out.

When I finally felt comfortable enough to hug him casually, It never crossed my mind that he could possibly be “the one”.
One late afternoon, we decided to hang out. For the first time EVER… it actually felt right to seal our evening with a kiss. Strange enough, I felt something different, aside from any feeling or crush in my past.
I woke up the next morning and said to myself, “OMG, I think I am in Love!”

What should I do?!

I sent him a text message and told him I love him. His response was, “it’s about time!” We laughed, And the rest was history.

I have heard all of these cliches and myths about love. Like how it starts to fade out after the beginning stages.

And how those cute little gifts and interesting dates go away after you get used to one another. But I totally disagree.
Love never grows old, in fact it is enduring. It is more magnificent than you can ever imagine.

The undying love that you have for one another only gets better in time.

The more feelings and thoughts you share will teach you more about your significant other, as you grow together. You will know that this person truly sees through your soul…
And suddenly everything that used to appear black and white will become transparent.

I am a girl who believes in fairy tales…and no one can take that away from me.

If I would’ve given up on love, due to past experiences, (which were pretty rough) then I wouldn’t have the opportunity to live this dream. Love took me by the hand and lead me to my destiny.
I am now the princess I used to read about;

I am the princess YOU just read about…..in

A Modern Fairy Tale:)

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