What is your Christmas style?

Are you a Traditional or Modern Christmas Mama?

The question of the season is,

“What color is your Christmas?”

Black, White, Red and Green?

For Christmas 2017, we have decided on Blush and Rose Gold.

Liyah and I are obsessed with all things Blush.

Sydney has a “thing” for Rose Gold this year.

Jason likes Copper, Gold and Rose Gold.

Jeremy… um… he can care less! Lol.

If it were up to him, he’d have a naked black Christmas  Tree that’s disposable.

He’s not too fond of cleaning up and putting away all of my crap!

Every first weekend in December, we’d put up our Christmas tree and holiday decor around the house. In the past, every room in our home had a different themed Christmas tree. (I know right!?)

I start off by building my ideas around the theme of our tree. Once I make a decision on what colors to use, everything else falls right into place.

I love metallics and neutrals. It’s easier to recreate, and it looks great with our home decor.

Guess it’s pretty obvious,  I am not the traditional red and green Christmas kind of girl. It always looks great in other people’s homes… just not our’s.

It’s evident, I am CLEARLY NOT your average mom! I go against the grain when it comes to style. (that’s the rebellion in me)

I find that traditional styles do not match my personality.

I typically switch our theme and colors up every year to prevent myself from boredom. This way I’d have a whole different project to work on. ?

When shopping for ornaments, I enjoy hand-picking my favorites. You should see me in the ornament aisle – I’m like a child in a candy store! Am I the only mom you know who is obsessed with Christmas decorations?!

With  NO  shame, I’ll admit, I am p—retty  nuts about Christmas!

It has always been my absolute FAVORITE Holiday.

One reason is because my birthday falls on the 23rd.,  two days before Christ’s birthday!

That’s enough of a reason to celebrate!

This year’s Holiday theme is

”The Frosted Forest”.

Gold Christmas Trees

Hobby Lobby



Gold Metal Letter Ornaments



Gold and Blush Peacock Tree Topper



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Glittered Blush Rose Ornaments


Reindeer Ornaments

Hobby Lobby



Rose Gold Sequin Stockings


Christmas table setting, blush Christmas decor, gold Christmas decor idea, modern Christmas ideas

Rose Gold Silverware


Grey Ceramic Plate Set


Rose gold Christmas Tree ideas, rose gold Christmas, blush Christmas decor

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Blush, Grey and Gold Wrapping Paper


Blush Christmas decor ideas, Rose gold Christmas Tree ideas, rose gold Christmas

Hope you loved everything as much as we do.

If it’s not your style, I totally get it:)

This is how I decorate my Christmas tree and home, but if I decorate your’s, of course it will look completely different!

Charlotte and Weddington homes I’ve decorated this year…


This home chose Red as their Christmas color. They are a very simple, traditional family who appreciates a moderately-modern style.  Not too “over-the-top”.

Red is actually looks good with several different colors around it. We used a cooler shade Red along with a cool teal and other metallics. You can never go wrong with Silver or Gold.

Before and After

Modern Red Christmas Tree

Red Christmas Tree Topper

Toy Store Theme  Ornaments


D.I.Y.  Custom Christmas Wreath

I really enjoy customizing details. There’s just  something about knowing what you have is unique and no one else will have the exact same design, you know?

Simple D.I.Y.  Red Christmas Center Piece

Simple Red Christmas Tree

Less is more. They loved the simplicity of their tree, and I am happy to make that happen for them! Their tree has a combination of modern and traditional ornaments that represent who their family.


Pretty Purple Christmas

When Purple is your favorite color, it doesn’t matter what shade of Purple it is!  Lilac, Lavender, Magenta, Orchid, Violet… it’s  a l l  Purple!

Purple is such a fun color and there are so many colors that will compliment it. The lady of this home loved every shade!




D.I.Y.  Purple Floral Center Piece


Purple and Teal Christmas Decor


D.I.Y.  Purple and Teal Christmas Wreath

D.I.Y. Purple and Teal Garland


Purple Passion Christmas Tree

Pretty-in-Purple Christmas Tree. This tree is a perfect fit for a feminist. I do know plenty of men who’s favorite color is Purple also:) I’d leave the flowers off of it if I were to decorate a man’s Purple tree though. ?


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