Cute birthday parties do not have to be big and expensive.



We were totally okay with keeping the list small when Sydney turned 8. We gave her a maximum of 8 invitations. Did we feel guilty about it?

Absolutely  N O T !

 The more the merrier for  h e r, but definitely not for us. She was happy to no not invite the whole entire 2nd grade to her house! Lol

She knows Mommy does not have enough time to clean up the entire house before and after the party.

Sydney is an artist. She is all about the  d e t a i l s.

I love that about her. The girl knows exactly what she wants. She says to me, “Mommy, I want like a candy shop theme for my birthday since you never let us eat candy anymore”.

Okay fine, that doesn’t sound too difficult to do.

We made a list of what candy she’d like at her candy shop. Keeping in mind that candy adds up and can become pricey. Especially when you’ve got big jars to fill up. Since we weren’t expecting a lot of girls, we used small containers to fill up the candy.

Using fabric flowers and fabric paint, the girls decorated canvas bags as a fun crafty activity. Afterwards we made old school friendship bracelets.

Easy-fun inexpensive activities to get their creative juices flowing. ?


Here’s how the candy shop decor turned out.

Tulle and fabric garlin took about 30 mins to make.

I also made the Sweet Sydney banner.

Material came from Hobby Lobby.

Dum-Dum Lollipop trees were part of Sydney’s vision. It took me 30-45 mins to put together. (16.00) including styrofoam balls.

Candle holders sold separately.

2 medium size jars were filled with bubble gum. Dollar Tree (6.00) including jars.

Beanie Babies have been adopted for years now.

The 5 mini jars are party favors for her friends.

There are red and pink Starbursts to symbolize how important and special each friend means to her.

(Original idea by Sydney Chambers)

Lollipops on the wall are from Hobby Lobby.


White Chocolate Cake decorates with pink Sixlets made from scratch by Sydney’s Mommy.


Our little cupcake turned 8 on 10-27-2016.

Sweet Sydney is surely made up of sugar and spice and everything nice.

Cute canvas wall decor from Hobby Lobby. (10.00)

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