Where are the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean? Which Caribbean island is family-friendly? Pack your bags, take your kids and Come to Cayman! Here’s why you should choose Grand Cayman…


With over 7,000 Caribbean islands to choose from – which ones are ideal for families?

From one mother to another… that all depends on you and your family.

Everyone has different family vacation goals.

Here are some key points to consider that will help you plan your next Caribbean Island Adventure.




We asked our children individually how they want to spend their vacation.


Seven mile Beach Grand Cayman

LIYAH : “Fiji or Bora Bora”


snorkle with kids in Grand Cayman Islands, stingray city, Georgetown Grand Cayman

SYDNEY : “I wanna go somewhere with clear water so I can snorkel and play with sea creatures.”



Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman

JASON : “Somewhere like Bahamas”


Okay… sounds like we need to make more money because  these guys  have some  expensive  taste in water! Lol.

 How awesome is it that they’re not afraid to live life to the fullest!?

As parents, we will do whatever it takes to support their dreams:)




Considering what our family goals are – we want a beach on the Caribbean coast with calm water  within 4 hours away.

[ who wants to be on a plane that long with kids?! ]

There is no denying it – we  love  clear water, soft sand, and wildlife.

Water activities and excursions are a  MUST  for us.

For this reason we prefer a beach with a good  snorkeling reputation.


Clear Waters of the Caribbean




How much are you willing to spend and how much is the experience worth to you?

Jeremy  is the one that will first decide how much he wants to spend. Me on the other hand… If I want it, I will figure out a way to get it! Which is why  he  is a Financial Advisor and I’m not. lol.

Figure out a budget that works for you, and this will help you narrow down your options.

We can assure you traveling with a family of 5 from NC  to the Caribbean can be anywhere between  7 – $10,000.00, [ on a promotional rate ] for a 5-7 night vacation. This includes airfare, excursions and food.

[ because you HAVE  to feed the little people, lol ]




And the winner is… GRAND CAYMAN ISLAND!

Not because we want to start an off shore bank account. Lol.

Grand Cayman is a British Territory south of Cuba in the Caribbean Sea.




Everything anyone has  ever  said about Cayman is a true testimony. Photos online does no justice for this island.

Because the reflection of the Caymanian twilight is evident –  this is one of the most pristine beaches in the Caribbean.



Sunsets in seven mile beach grand Cayman Islands

“Meet me where the sun touches the ocean” she says


Sunsets in the caribbean, Seven mile beach grand cayman , romantic views in grand cayman

Sunsets in the Caribbean | Grand Cayman


Jason snorkeling in the sunset, Seven Mile Beach


Seven mile beach grand Cayman Islands , sunsets in the caribbean, grand cayman sunset

In and out of the ocean from dawn to dusk






Choose the best resort in Grand Cayman.

Because how and where you rest your head sets the tone of your mood. The way you wake up dictates your entire day.

You should ask yourself  :

 “how do I want to start my day?”


Westin Grand Cayman


Ocean View Suite Westin Grand Cayman



As for us – we like luxury. This is why we knew right away Westin Grand Cayman  was perfect for our family. To learn more about why we chose Westin over the other resorts in Grand Cayman…  See our  BEST  WESTIN HOTEL  story for more photos of the resort experience.




How do you want to remember your experience?

When Jeremy and I were younger, road trips to Myrtle Beach, SC  were the  ultimate  dream. Our parents didn’t have the means to expose us to anything more. Not much excitement but that was all we knew.

As we see more, we want more for our children.


Grand Cayman Islands

Treasure moments and not things.

 LIVE,  EXPERIENCE , and MAKE MORE MEMORIES with the ones you love!






On the catamaran sailing to Stingray City




This is one of the most popular tourist attraction out of the 3 islands.

 We enjoyed sailing to Stingray City – a series of shallow sandbars found in the North Sound of Grand Cayman.

 If you are looking for an unforgettable wildlife experience – scuba diving, snorkeling,  or  interacting with starfish and stingrays – you will be blown away by the clarity of Cayman’s  lucid waters.


You can book your Stingray City excursion here with Red Sail Sports and other Cayman excursions to add to your  GC vacation list. Shuttles to and from resort are included.

The Red Sail Sports team were very knowledgeable, accommodating and provided excellent service during our visit to Stingray City.



stingray city grand cayman, stingray city, red sail sports

Red Sail Sports | Grand Cayman



red sail sports, red sail sports grand cayman

Thanks to Red Sail Sports for an amazing excursion!



stingray city grand cayman, stingray city

Stingray City Grand Cayman


stingray city grand cayman, stingray city, cayman islands

Fun Fact: kiss a stingray and have 7 years of good luck. ?


Stingray city, Grand Cayman Islands, cleat Caribbean water

Rule of thumb – DO NOT touch the stingray near his stinger!


banana boat | Red Sail Sports


A special Thank You to the Red Sail Sports team

[ especially Monique ] for  taking care of our family and hosting the  BEST CAYMAN EXCURSIONS ever! These memories will live with us forever!



Red Sail Sports, stingray city grand cayman

Mommy and Daddy




Are you a foodie? If so, you need to try the flavors of the Caribbean!  Cayman’s Caribbean spices are very similar to Jamaican, but with a British influence. Cracked Conch is a Grand Cayman staple, and Red Snapper is a common seafood dish you will find in restaurants. [ one of my favorite fish ]


Red Snapper at Ferdinand’s


The seafood is fresh out the sea and seasoned by the best award-winning culinary chefs in the Nation. With that being said – you honestly can’t go wrong with any of the restaurants in Cayman. Our personal favorite restaurant in Grand Cayman is Beach House Coastal Cuisine  located at The Westin Resort. Macabuca has great views for lunch.


Macabuca Oceanside Tiki Bar & Grill | Grand Cayman


Grand Cayman

Lunch views from Macabuca





If  you’re surfing the internet, you will notice Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman has been lauded  Best Beach  in the Caribbean for years!

There may be about 15  other beaches worth exploring but you should try to swim seven miles through Seven Mile Beach! 

Seven Mile Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches we’ve ever seen.

The perfect ‘photo op’ for you and your family. Crowds aren’t too heavy in July either.

Which means there’s a chance you can have the island all to yourself ! Because who wants a bunch of random people photo-bombing in your photos anyway?!!


seven mile beach, grand cayman, family vacation, hot mom, Westin Grand Cayman, White one piece, white swimsuit, Mommy body, fit mom, Mom of 3,

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman


seven mile beach, grand cayman, westin grand cayman

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman



Grand Cayman Islands, Westin cayman

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman





One of the biggest tourist attractions located in the West Bay district of Cayman Islands.


cayman turtle centre, turtle farm grand cayman, turtle center grand cayman

Cayman Turtle Centre



Cayman Turtle Centre


At the Cayman Turtle Centre, kids can swim with turtles in a lagoon full of colorful marine life. This is a great place to get a sense of the “wildlife” and learn about the island’s history. 

 A fun, hands-on learning center for you and your family to enjoy.


turtle center grand cayman, grand cayman turtle center, turtle farm grand cayman

Making friends with turtles ?




In 1984, the founders of Tortuga Rum Company introduced the first rums of the Cayman Islands. In 1987, the first duty free liquor store was born – and that same year the famous Tortuga Rum Cakes  were available on the shelves! Today, we can purchase them online!


Tortuga Rum Shop , Grand Cayman, Tortuga Rum Cake

Tortuga Rum Cake in front of The famously known Tortuga Rum Shop


It is a “travel tradition” for us to eat Rum Cake in the Caribbean.  Tortuga makes the BEST rum cakes in history! They also make great souvenir gifts for friends and family! If you know me well – you must know I am a cake connoisseur;) It takes a lot to wow me!

My personal favorite is the chocolate and coconut flavored rum cake with a side of vanilla frozen yogurt. [ mmmmm…  ? ]




Here’s an opportunity of a lifetime — because seriously, when will you have another chance to be carried by ‘mermaid horses’ – swimming across the oceans of the Caribbean? There’s a “first time for everything”, right?


grand cayman excursions, swim with ponies in grand cayman, cayman islands, adventures in grand cayman

Did you know horses can swim?


Horseback riding in the Caribbean, swim with ponies in grand cayman, grand cayman


This was our first experience  ever  horseback riding along the island streets or even into the water. Considering we’ve never had any prior experience saddling a horse,  it was truly an unforgettable experience. It actually forced me to relax so I can get to know my horse, Sarah. What a perfect match, right?

If you want to swim with ponies in Grand Cayman,  visit Pampered Ponies Grand Cayman






This was truly the BEST family vacation ever! The  Caymanians are super friendly.

 Grand Cayman’s atmosphere is completely different from any other Caribbean Island we’ve experienced.

 The crowd is sophisticated and classy, no trespassing, and no language barrier. Definitely a safe place for families to visit.

What’s impressive is how much you can do on what appears to be such a “small” island.

Would we suggest a romantic couples’ trip to the Cayman Islands?


Is this a family-friendly kind of vacation?


Come to Cayman and see for yourself:)


Thanks for reading guys! So sorry it took so long to  share our memories with you. We wanted to make sure we included everything.


Also, here’s a video we made for you.



Let us know what your thoughts,  okay?

…Until our next vacation!


 Love,  The Chambers Family ?





*Sponsored by  Westin Grand Cayman,  
Red Sail Sports, Tortuga Rum Cakes, 
Pampered Ponies
 *Documented  are all honest opinions from our hearts


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    August 31, 2018 at 12:28 pm

    What a fantastic trip! Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to go.

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      It was indeed! You and your husband should definitely add it to your bucket list!

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    Mahala Ahearn
    November 12, 2018 at 6:29 pm

    I saved your website in my phone and have been checking to see when you would blog about Cayman. It truly is the best family vacation spot and we had a blast. We also enjoyed meeting a hanging out with your family. I love your blog, Cheers!

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      December 11, 2018 at 10:58 pm

      Hi Mahala! Hope all is well with you and your precious family!

      You are so sweet. Thank you for saving my blog in your phone:) We are so glad to have met you and your family during our vacation. Our children got along so well and was the sweetest thing! We need to visit your town soon! Xoxo

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