YAM Fall Ball-2017

Have you Charlotteans heard of the annual Fall Ball, brought to you by Young Affiliates of the Mint ?

We’ve heard, but have never attended any of the events. A part of that is   p r o b a b l y  because we thought we were too old! Lol.

But “age ain’t nothing but a number”!

Jeremy knows the talented woman who was responsible for putting this awesome event together! She told us more about it and we thought, “hmmm… what’s better than getting dressed up to go on a date (without kids), a place where there’s entertainment, music, food, a dance floor, AND…..

your presence supports a good cause!!? SOLD. ?

It was a Friday night date!

So many stylish people in the Queen City who looked absolutely stunning! And for the FIRST time EVER in life…. (this shouldn’t happen again)

My husband knew WAY more people than I did! WHAT?!!!!! This only means ONE thing y’all!

I NEED to GET OUT more!

And I plan to. Because our beautiful city Charlotte has so much to offer. We need to stop taking it for granted! As we support our own town, we can build a bigger community, attract more tourists, we’ll have more food and fun options, and eventually, we won’t even have to travel to another state to have a unique experience! It will be right here in our hometown:)

In the meantime, I’ll do you guys a favor and update you on places to check out in Charlotte with your spouse and family. Yes, I “said” FAMILY. You guys know you wanna take the kids out for some fun too! If you don’t, you won’t stop hearing about it;)

For more info and photos of the event, visit




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