Hi How much time and talent actually goes into styling for a fashion show? Countless days, endless nights. Sleep deprivation, no time to eat, the list goes on and on.

 The total show time of an event may only last an hour, but I can assure you that the process leading up to it is insanely astronomical.

For example, “The Escape”;  an enchanting evening of model-mayhem. These beauties  strided  down the runway giving the audience a dose of summer’s hottest trends.  Meanwhile the designers and boutiques are on stand-by observing the audience’s feed back.

Well “someone” had to pair the models up with the designer and wardrobe that best suits the crowd. (Talk about matching and fitting 65 models into the perfect apparel.)

First thing’s first… selecting the  models.

Our team set up at casting-call at a venue and invited everyone out to audition. After the judges have carefully selected the models, the creative directors will pair them up by Boutique and  Designer. These business owners hired our team for creative direction in marketing their brand.

As an experienced Charlotte Stylist, I was hired as Lead Stylist/Glam Squad Director. My focus was putting together hair and makeup looks for these models.

I have to build a team that is capable of performing these looks. In order to find quality hair and makeup artists, I had to go through the resume process of researching their work and interview them. This is the most important step because it nothing is solid without a commitment. And commitment requires clear communication and dependability.

After successfully building the glam squad, a meeting was held for introduction. I designed a vision board and started a group chat to deliver ideas to all. Each vendor requested different looks. There were 7 vendors. So it made the most sense to come together to discuss them.

On May 6th, 2017, I had the pleasure of directing a charity fashion show with PAC Public Relations.
The event was hosted by Sherry Pollex and Hade Robinson, along with special guest hosts Jascinda and Derek “Fly Ty” Jacobs, Cynthia Bailey and more.  (Proceeds went to the Martin Truex Jr. Foundation towards ovarian cancer.)

Check our my glam squad putting in that work!

The back-of-house experience was smooth sailing.

I knew from the moment I selected these beauty professionals, they were GOING to KILL it!
And they performed their skills beyond expectation! With help of the vision board, every look created was styled to perfection! We even finished all 65 models an hour ahead of schedule. (Which makes life so much easier!).

You’ve got to build a foundation through infrastructure. Building a strong team has always been my strength. I breathe it. I love it. It’s not the actual show that makes an event successful. The victory is owed to the team that’s behind it.



We only had two months to plan this event. Like I’ve mentioned before, there is so much talent behind the curtains that we often overlook. It takes an innovative individual to execute the vision. When the puzzle pieces are put together in a logical way, it makes it easier to find the correct solution.

You ever wonder where special events come up with these brilliant ideas? Or stare at professional photos and say, “wow, that’s creative!”

It is creative and wowed you because of the production! ?

Show-Styling is V E R Y time consuming. But everything that’s worth it, takes time.

And… it is not possible without a good team.

Need an experienced Charlotte Stylist for creative direction?

I will be happy to help! For consultations email me :


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