Mom life as a Hair Stylist

While finishing up my hours in cosmetology school, back in 1999, I freelanced a lot.

I styled ladies and gentlemen for formal events such as prom, weddings, photoshoots, and fashion shows. I devoted my life to sleepless nights in creating ideas, visualizing concepts, and designing styles. Hell yes, I worked my ass off for what they call, “exposure”. In other words, I worked for free, numerous times! But it was all worth the experience.  I’ll never forget how proud I felt winning 1st place in fantasy hair competition shows.

Fast forward 18 years later…

Twelve years at 90 Degrees Salon, 3 days a week, and making my own schedule. To build a reputable name for yourself, whether business or in a general,  you’ve got to prove that you are dependable so you can earn people’s trust. Trust leads to loyal relationships.

If I had to choose, I’d say my strengths are listening, educating, suggesting and recommending the best options to suit my clients’ needs. This means understanding their budget, lifestyle, occupation and personality. A professional stylist should consider all of this before moving forward.

I have never turned anyone down because of their hair texture or skin tone. If I can advise anyone on how to improve the life of their hair or skin, it would be my pleasure. (Hair and makeup services)

I am the stylist who has a diverse, militi-cultural clientele. I service children, men, or women with very fine/limp hair, to cancer patients who need hair wigs custom-made. I specialize in super curly natural hair blowouts, sew-in extensions that you can’t tell is fake, to matching and making hair extension clips. I have plenty of experience in corrective color. (I fix jacked up hair color)

I am certified in  keratin straighteners, (which I no longer do because of health risks), various hair extension techniques from sew-ins, micro-beading tape in, and wig design. I started making wigs for cancer patients. I offer special event styling such as  bridal and other formal occasions. I’ve also taken a certified course for lashes and brows too.


So if you’ve never heard of a stylist who specializes in everything, let me introduce you to one.? I am confident that your hair will not intimidate me.

Don’t hesitate to contact 90 Degrees Salon if you need my help.?


People are often curious of how I learned to Style African-American hair textures. Well… I grew up around it all my life. I’ve always been fascinated while watching my friends’ moms hot comb their hair. And I practiced corn rowing the boys’ fros  in the neighborhood. (Back then it was 15-20.00 a pop?) Lol.


Now I get to have all the fun braiding and playing in my girls’ hair! They’ve got the most gorgeous curls but always wishes it was naturally straight. The grass will always seem to be greener on the other side, huh?


 My girls love going into the salon and getting pampered.

Here’s my oldest with her beautiful natural curls.


The dynamic-duo with wearing their hair wet and wavy.


My oldest taking a selfie after a blowout.

IMG_2714 The stylish sisters.


This was their “first day of school haircut”

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