Corrective Color in the cosmetology world means color change. Changing your hair from one drastic color to another!

Here are a list list of reasons why you will need a corrective color service:



1. “I colored my hair with box-dye and it turned orange!”

2. I want to go from black hair to blonde hair. (Or vice versa)

3. If your root color is at least 2 inches grown out from previous color service, and you want to change up the whole color.

4. You see unwanted tones in your hair color.

5. When you want to add dimension to previously chemically or color treated hair.

6. Anytime you want to switch from one color to another in one day, for example, “I want a dramatic change”.

7. When your last hair dresser messed up and gave you the wrong color, or promised you a color that’s impossible to achieve in one process.

8. “De-wigging” the Hair color. All over color a lot of times can look “wiggy”. Some people may want to add dimensional high lights or low-lights to break it up to give it a natural flow.



I hope this list helps you to better understand what corrective color means. Depending on how much lighter you’re hoping to go, it may take between 2-4 sessions.

Yes, you can have it done exactly how you want it all in one session, depending on how strong your hair is. For example, you colored your hair from dark brown to blonde. The blonde is way too brassy with orange and yellow undertones. The warmer shades of blonde is too harsh for your complexion. You would like to have 2 shades lighter in a cooler blonde color. What should you do?

*You will need to contact a professional and schedule a consultation.

Your hair stylist will look at your overall hair texture, analyze the condition of it, and suggest the best treatment and safest route to take.

Us women can be very impatient when it comes to our hair color. (This I DO know)?

But trust me, as a Goldwell Hair Color Specialist,   I’d  LOVE  for you to have exactly what you want! I just want to explain to you what will happen if we don’t take our time and do it the right way. Believe it or not, I really DO want you to keep your beautiful hair!

Color corrections may take up to 6 hours ! This of course depends on the density of your hair, and how much color damage has occurred. Removal of old, unwanted color, applying the correct color,  tone it, deep condition it, and sealing it, is quite a process! This process can cost you a million bucks! I’m joking! It can be pricey though for sure.

The strategy, technique, time and professionalism should be taken in consideration.  We have to pay out of pocket for the haircare products being used in your hair.

Everyone is different, some may have hair that is more difficult to achieve than most. Some may have thick, others may be extremely long. Prices vary on each client. I am very fair when it comes to pricing the quality of my work.

After all, “you get what you pay for”.

It is best to set up a consultation to figure out what all needs to be done so you will know exactly what to expect. Whether natural high lights, balayage, ombré …

I am happy to assist you and answer any further questions you  have.

You may contact 90 Degrees Salon if you need to reach me. (Located in Balantyne/South Charlotte)

 Or email me directly on my Instagram. ?

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