A stylist is a master or model of style; a person noted for a distinctive style; one who develops, designs or advises on style.

The Stylist

For Sarah Dam – being a Stylist means understanding the building blocks of protein, how it strengthens the hair, and boosts one’s self-esteem.

It is the art of composing the most flattering looks on a particular face shape to comprehending the science of hair.

The perfect hairstyle defines your identity.

You ever notice that hairstyle is usually the first verbal description of a female?

When I first meet someone, I can’t help but lay eyes on their hair – while my brain goes into autopilot and starts to connect dot to dot.

 I immediately envision a hairstyle that compliments  with the sound of her voice and tone of personality.


After receiving my Cosmetology license back in 2000,
I was hired by Lancôme as a skincare and color specialist.

While working at the salon, I freelanced with the company for 2 years. Learned so much about makeup pigments and skincare.

During the beginning stages of developing my cosmetology career,
I’ve been blessed with having the pleasure – on stage winning 1st place for local and international Hair Magazine competitions and fashion shows.
I’ve also flaunted my hair/makeup skills and created fashion content in magazines on local and national print models.

I honestly never imagined being a Stylist leads to so many amazing opportunities.

I’ve been told many times, “you don’t have a real job”!
(Now you KNOW I had to correct that quickly.)

Most people I know are extremely exhausted after a day’s worth of dealing with co-workers and customers. Whether over the phone or in person.

Do you know a Hair Stylist or Hairdresser is responsible for EVERY one of their clients’ health in confidence, joy and happiness?

That’s right, I am in control of how someone feels when they look in the mirror.


How you look has a lot to do with how you FEEL.

It’s not easy having to reboot your system daily to access a different bio on each client;
hoping you’ve copied and saved the history of their color formula, past experiences with other stylists, names of their family members, what type of career they have, and… the entire story of their life summed up in less than an hour!

It’s kind of nice to be blessed with a 365 GB  memory flash drive. (Just saying?)

I am THE person you call when you have an idea, but can’t seem to execute it yourself.

I am Sarah Dam-Chambers, I am The Super Stylist.

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