Techno-Logical Type.
The world, that’s who.

When was the last time you actually remembered someone’s number?
What about all the times you don’t care about misspelling a word, knowing spell-check will automatically correct it?
Google d o e s n o t have all the answers!
We often ask ourselves if this is the life we want for our children.
Communication is highly valued in our home.
The more advanced technology becomes, the dumber we become as it kills our brain cells.
We blame our frustrations on parenting. But the
truth is, we are overstimulated by our own compulsive behaviors.
Yes, I’m talking about our phone addiction.
Life before cell phones were much more engaging and fun.
Just because we live in a tech-savvy generation, doesn’t mean we have to get sucked into it.
Let’s all make a conscious effort to spend more time teaching our children how to verbally express themselves in the human world.

Here are some of our solutions to this technology addiction…

1. Life Lessons :
I enjoy these moments during
car rides. It’s easier to capture their attention. Traveling from point A to point B can be time consuming. Don’t waste a minute of it.

2. Stories :
Children look up to their caretaker. They love to hear stories, it’s the easiest way for them to learn. I love sharing stories of my past good and bad experiences before bedtime. It works because they are relaxed enough to be able to ¬†create a visual of the story.

3. Affection :
I LOVE to snuggle with my children. They love to snuggle with me. Whether we are watching television, or simply sitting next to each other. It gives them a sense of confidence and they feel safe.

4. Board Games :
Hands on games are a great way for kids to learn how to engage and interact with one another. We make it a family affair at least a few times a week.

5. Eat as a Family :
Studies show that children who actually eat at the dinner table have a higher success rate in the future. We prefer to eat our meals as a family. Uninterrupted, quality time at the table is a huge priority. This makes it easier to address existing issues around the house. And also strengthens communication skills.

6. Always Kiss :
We never leave the house without a kiss. We kiss before we go to sleep at night and soon as we open up our eyes in the morning.

7. Arts and Crafts :
This can be an extensive list. Children need to exercise their creativity. This will help them become emotionally aware and have strong problem solving skills. They will become very resourceful.

8. Outdoor Activities :
Being outside breathing the fresh air is not only healthy to the immune system, yet also relaxed the mind. Let them run wild. Let them be free. Tire them out so they’ll be good and sleepy after their bath. ?

9. Preach & Teach :
While you’re preaching, don’t forget to teach.
People learn before they can actually understand. To understand means they’ve learned. The same way we’ve learned may not work for them. Get creative, teach in their style so they can understand. Once they understand, they can teach their children.

10. Quality Time :
This term is used freely these days, but don’t take it for granted. QUALITY time is extremely important. It is the time you set aside, plan for, so you can enjoy each other. During this time you can learn so much more about your family.

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    DestinyBlowing Kisses / Nikki Smith
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    DestinyBlowing Kisses / Nikki Smith
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    Hey I read your blog. Cool blog you have

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      Thank you so much for taking your time out to read about my life Nikki! I really do appreciate you;)

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