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“It’s The Most
Wonderful Time of The Year…”

So what’s more exciting than getting your Christmas decorations up after Thanksgiving, and getting into the holiday spirit?

This has been a very weird year for a lot of us, but for some of us, 2020 has given us a chance to slow down, sit at our deserted dining room tables, and actually put a dent in our sofas:) Think about it, how often do we get to truly enjoy our home?

We closed on our 2nd home in March, the week right before the global pandemic started. It was killing me – not being able to make my daily runs to Home Goods, Target, Crate n’ Barrel, and RH!

It’s not easy ordering home decor online, because you never know what you’re getting. Still – I did that for months, even after businesses reopened.

Not sure if you guys remember, but after we moved out of our first home, we got rid of EVERYTHING – to make room for “new beginnings.”

This is our First Christmas in our new home, so I wanted to go “all out” on my Christmas decorations!

But just my luck though – since families are staying at home more, Christmas decor in every store flew off the shelves!

When this happens, I have to put my “thinking cap” on, and get creative. I’ve got to get into my D.I.Y. MOM mood:)




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Back in November, I did a voting poll on my Instagram stories, asking our friends and family what Christmas tree best fits our style.

The Christmas tree with the most votes ended up being the 7.5 ft flocked Christmas tree you see in the middle of these two – 6ft flocked trees.


When choosing the perfect Christmas tree for your home, you should :


1. check the height of your ceiling.

We have 9ft ceilings, so a 7.5ft-8ft Christmas tree would be appropriate for our space.

2. check the width of the Christmas tree to see if it will fit in the space you plan to put it in.

We have a townhome, so space is very limited.

3. choose a Christmas tree style that will match the decor of your home.

We have modern-luxury decor, so we chose a modern Christmas tree with versatility.




I usually match my Christmas tree decorations with my furniture, to keep it cohesive.

When I think of “Glam,” I think of gold and sparkly, and shiny. Which isn’t too hard to find during the holidays.

I found some pretty ornaments from Home Goods, and hand-picked some beautiful glass ornaments from Hobby Lobby. I even made some marble ornaments myself using acrylic paint.


DIY marble Christmas ornaments, diy marble ornaments, modern Christmas tree ornaments, Modern Christmas decorations



There are over 50 beautiful Christmas tree themes to choose from, so take your pick. Establish a theme that’ll help make your tree styling experience easier.

This year, we’ve kept our Christmas tree decorations  modern, sophisticated, and simple. Using white, shiny gold, grey, with a ‘pop’ of black for contrast.




Modern Christmas tree decorations, modern Christmas tree, Christmas tree glam, modern Christmas tree ideas, beautiful Christmas trees, luxury Christmas trees, luxury Christmas trees

There’s just something about the elegance of a modern Christmas tree decorations. It speaks to me a lot louder than the traditional ones. 

The best part about decorating for Christmas is, there’s no wrong way to do it. You get to be as creative and as stylish as you want!

My Christmas Glam style goes hand and hand with the overall aesthetic of my home.

Don’t be afraid to D.I.Y. Christmas ornaments . I am very specific about my Christmas Glam vision. That’s why I had to make some of my own modern Christmas tree ornaments.




Modern Christmas tree, luxury Christmas tree, designer Christmas tree, modern glam Christmas tree, modern glam Christmas decorations, modern holiday decorations

Did I mention I am ‘anal’ about my Christmas decorations? It’s “the gift & the curse.” My Christmas presents have to be wrapped neatly, using ribbon and not a ‘pop-on-bow.’

It just looks so much classier, don’t you agree?!

Whatever Christmas tree theme I decide to go with, I would typically buy 4 beautiful Christmas gift wrapping paper that will match. I got lucky a d found all of these at Home Goods. You can find pretty ribbons from Hobby Lobby and Michael’s.




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Merry Christmas everyone!! We thought it would be fun to share our Modern Christmas style with you. Hope this inspires you to style your modern Christmas tree.

Because of the global pandemic, this year has been a crazy year with so many unexpected changes. But since we’re staying at home more, let’s  do more of what makes us happy, right inside of our own homes:)

Hug & Love on your family! We wish you all a wonderful holiday season!

xoxo, Sarah & Family


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Modern Christmas tree, Christmas glam, modern Christmas glam, luxury Christmas

Christmas family photo, family fashion, stylish family, modern family

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