I’ve had the honor to be chosen as one of the grey hair babes on Buzzfeed.

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Most women (like myself) freak out when grey hairs are coming in. Grey hairs can be annoying, random and stubborn. Oh, and terrifying. Who wants to be reminded that they’re aging?

My hair grow super fast so I typically touch my roots up every 4 weeks. If not, you’d see an inch of grey. Well… I am a busy mom of 3, I work and I am a wife. I’m too exhausted to have to think about covering up my roots. So I decided, “why not embrace it”?

Hmmm… maybe I can let my grey hair all grow out naturally. I started the process by bleaching the ends of my hair. That way it can look ombré as it grows out! Plus, grey hair is the hottest thing going on right now, so why not?


Grey hair don’t care, grey hair Asian, grey hair trend,

Here’s what I used:

40 volume developer
Goldwell Oxy powdered bleach

Toned it with Titanium by Ion

(it fades fast)

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