🏡LOVE  Builds A Happy Home🏡 

I remember the excitement we felt 10.5 years ago when we closed on our first home.

Jeremy and I were sitting on the floor by the fireplace, wondering what to do with all this open space. 

I remember laying in Liyah’s Princess bed reading fairytales to her every night.👑

About a month later,  we built a pastel Pink nursery for a baby who refused to sleep in her crib.

I remember Sydney crawling around the house looking for us when we snuck and took potty breaks. She’d find us and roll blueberries under the door. 

There were days when she’d purposely spit out baby food all over the kitchen floor because she’d rather eat table food. Steak to be exact. 🥩 

I remember 3 am on August 2,  2009 – I was 23 weeks pregnant, going into labor with Jason by the shower in the master bathroom.

It’s not easy to say goodbye to the house our children grew up in. We’ve watched them run, play, & fight – while hitting a decade of milestones. 

It’s even harder to say goodbye to the center of our living room – by the window – where we exchanged our wedding vows before the big ceremony.🤵🏾👰🏻

This home served our family many joyful years.

Now it is time for another fortunate family to share their dreams and happy tears. 

Here we are – the day before we leave our keys… 

NO staged photoshoot. 

11803 Bending Branch Rd. Charlotte, NC 28227

HERE’S US – lounging on the dusty floor…

Been moving all day – sweating in our clothes – the kids came straight from school – and  everyone’s hair is out of control. 

This is us – trying to make the best out of the last few hours, in this happy place we’ve had the pleasure to call our first HOME. 

Stepped into a house with just the 3 of us –  Liyah, Jeremy and me.

Walking out of a home as a party of 5 – makes it even harder to believe. 

11803 Bending Branch Rd. Charlotte, NC 28227

Blessings + emotions + scratches, dings & flaws…

times that by a million. 

This is what happens when a home is filled with Love.

Our first HOME is more than a place. 

It was the beginning of a Love Story.

It was a  feeling. ❤️

And it will be a feeling we will cherish forever.

11803 Bending Branch Rd Charlotte, NC 28227

No matter how big, how tall, or how small your house is … your home is a combination of everything you love. No one has the exact same homemade recipe. Because those memories you make can never be duplicated.

Saying goodbye to our first home was not as easy as we thought.

Here is where we made made most of our memories….  from 2008-2019.

[before DIY kitchen]

11803 Bending Branch rd. Charlotte, NC 28227, white kitchen, diy white kitchen

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